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    One Piece Figuarts ZERO Collection

    Great looking static representations of the hit anime pirates...

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    Hot on the heels of the extensively detailed and highly-articulated One Piece Figuarts (read our review HERE), Bandai has taken the license up a notch with their latest release. The One Piece Figuarts ZERO Collection features an extensive roster of diverse characters from the popular anime series in the form of static highly-detailed figures with zero articulation (hence the word "ZERO" in the product name). Today we take an in-depth look at figures of Monkey D Luffy, Shanks, Marshall D. Teach and Akainu.

    PACKAGING: The new Figuarts ZERO PVC statues are all boxed within window-box style packages proportionate to each particular character’s size. The outside of the box features an ornate treasure box design which resemble the artistic style and feel of the animated series. The official One Piece logo is also present on the front, back and side panels of the package. Each package features a plastic window along the front and top of the box revealing the figure with from a birds eye and full frontal point of view. The treasure chest design on the outer box differs in style and color for each character which gives each collectible its own unique qualities in and out of the package alike. There are also several photographs of the static figure from various angles and in some cases, posed next to an S.H. Figuarts of another character.

    The overall design and distinctive look of each character’s package will have significant appeal to mint-in-box collector as each box showcases each individual character’s details and accessories elegantly without the need of removing the figure inside.

    SCULPT: This new series of collectibles focuses on the portrayal of each One Piece character in the form of a vinyl statue which focuses on specific detailing and accessories which do not work well with the highly-articulated S.H. Figuarts action figures. The Monkey D Luffy figure depicts the iconic character in an older stage of his life with his arms crossed and features a removable long-sleeved red cardigan reminiscent of Gol D Roger’s outfit. Munkey has an extensively high level of sculpted details which are most prominent on the removable cardigan’s decorations and the shape of the coat which has an iconic air-blown look to it. The facial sculpt on both of Monkey D Luffy’s heads, captures the essence of the iconic straw hat pirate in all his whimsical glory.

    The Red-Haired Pirate Shanks, stands at the ready with saber in hand wearing a black cape which conceals his missing left arm. The sculpted wrinkles on Shanks’ garments and chiseled upper body is rendered very well in three-dimensional form. The enormous Marshall D Teach, aka Blackbeard, is one of the most stand-out figures in the series and features extensive detailing all around. The figure includes a removable black and gold captain’s coat which rest easily on his shoulders for display variations. There is a lot of visible details on this characters which make him more visually appealing such as the three pistols and dagger he carries stored in his yellow sash and his creepy ring-covered hands.

    The Marshall D Teach figure is based on his look from the episodes Impel Down and Marineford. Finally, the powerful Marine Akainu rounds out this collection as one of the latest releases. Akainu stands as the tallest figure in this set and features an intricately detailed sculpt all around. The facial details on this guy are top-notch and render the square-faced characteristics of this tuff-as-nails cap-wearing Marine to the t. Akainu features a removable long Admiral’s coat and features a pair of interchangeable right arms (clenching and ignited flamed hand).

    PAINT: As far as painted details go, al of these figures are decorated with a very high level of precision and detail. The most impact color techniques are visible in Marshall D Teach and Akainu which feature dry-brushing details and multiple color shading which enhances their three-dimensional form. Akainu’s magma-covered hand is colorized beautifully with a vivid blend of translucent reds and yellows which give the impression of realistic flames. The colors on Monkey D Luffy and Shanks are also applied with precision and accentuate each anime character’s three-dimensional representation.

    OVERALL: While these new Figuarts ZERO figure may not feature any articulation whatsoever, they are still great looking static representations of this diverse group of One Piece characters and a visually appealing collection of figures to add to one’s collectibles shelf. The One Piece Figuarts Zero figures range in price from $20 to $43 depending on the character and there are several other characters available for purchase now, such as Whitebeard, Jozu and Boa Hancock to name a few with several others to come by the end of 2011. For these and a great selection of One Piece figures, check out

    Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Review Samples Courtesy of Bluefin

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