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    San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives Revealed

    MOTUC Queen Marlena, Voltron, Swamp Thing, Stay Puft, more...

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    After much anticipation from fans, Mattel pulls the curtain back on their San Diego Comic-Con 2011 exclusives. To be sold at the event July 20-24 (booth number to be announced), with many to also be available at, the many exclusives to be offered include:

    Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man ($70)

    Stay Puft is the largest item ever made by Mattel and sold at SDCC, standing at over 20" tall. Our favorite squishy villain is made from soft foam and features articulation at the arms, head and legs. A huge city diorama is included in the packaging – perfect for displaying your entire Ghostbusters collection. He’ll be available first at SDCC, then on

    Masters of the Universe Classics Queen Marlena Figure ($25)

    The good queen of Eternia is finally here to complete the Eternos Royal Family. Marlena isn't coming empty handed... she includes her royal green dress, scepter and sword, plus an interchangeable space helmet head, rifle and blaster pistol to transform her back into her fighting days as Captain Glenn, Heroic Galactic Adventurer. And as an added accessory, Queen Marlena includes Cringer, Prince Adam's loyal pet and secret identity of Battle Cat. Marlena is packed as Queen Marlena Heroic Queen of Eternia for SDCC then as Captain Glenn Heroic Galactic Adventurer for after the show. Each pack comes with all the parts you need for both figures, but each includes a unique bio specific to how she is packed.

    Voltron Blazing Sword Voltron ($30)

    The first ever Voltron action figure from Mattel. Completely authentic to the original series, he’s highly poseable with 22 points of articulation and can transform into different action poses. Comes complete with a translucent sword so you can "Form Blazing Sword!" Blazing Sword Voltron will only be available at SDCC and on

    DC Universe Swamp Thing (plus Un-Men in SDCC packages) ($30)

    This fan-demanded character is available for the first time in the DC Universe and is the first ever DC Universe character to feature endoskeletal articulation. Vowing to protect the environment and his swamp home, Swamp Thing comes in a paper pulp mold of a Swamp Thing head and houses Swamp Thing himself. No ordinary packaging can contain Swamp Thing, so he’ll be packed in a shipper box with the Swamp Thing head peering out. He’ll be available July 15th at, then at SDCC. Pick him up at SDCC and he’ll arrive with mini-figures of Un-Men Ophidian and Cranius.

    Note: Un-Men mini-figures are only available at SDCC and will not be sold with Swamp Thing on after the show.

    Young Justice Superboy in Cloning Chamber ($20)

    This show-accurate figure recreates the scene from the pilot episode when Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash discover the mysterious Project Kr, where the Light has commissioned “The Weapon.” Using Superman’s DNA – without his knowledge or consent – Cadmus has force-grown the Superboy, using telepathic Genomorph-Gnomes to make a virtual slave of Superman’s son. The cloning tank includes Superboy plus 3 telepathic Genomorph-Gnomes, and with the press of a button, the inside of the cloning tank lights up a glowing blue. This version of Superboy will be available at SDCC, then on

    Hot Wheels Back to the Future Vehicle ($35)

    We’re pretty sure Doc Brown himself would approve of this exclusive from the classic Back to the Future flick. Mattel can show you the box, but not what's inside.

    Hot Wheels Franken Berry Vehicle ($20)

    This Franken Berry cereal box with a Hot Wheels car inside will take you right back to being 7 years-old and watching Saturday morning cartoons. What car is inside? It’s the popular Dairy Delivery vehicle, of course, because you need some milk to go with your cereal! Shake the box and hear that awesome cereal sound coming from inside.

    MOTUC Polly Pocket Collection ($20)

    Polly and her friends are dressed as their Masters of the Universe alter egos to battle out good vs. evil. Polly, dressed as She-Ra, and Kerstie, dressed as Frosta, are ready to take on Crissy as the evil Catra.

    Polly as She-Ra: When it comes to dressing up for adventure, Polly loves to be the original Princess of Power. Armed with her Sword of Protection and an Etherian Shield, Polly is ready to tackle The Evil Horde and whatever action awaits!

    Lea as Frosta: Lea may not have a cold heart, but when she dresses up as the Ice Empress of Etheria, she can freeze foes in her path. Armed with a magic wand that turns anything to ice, Lea is ready for her next adventure to save the day!

    Crissy as Catra: Crissy has cat scratch fever as the mischievous and notorious Catra. When in her Horde disguise, Crissy is purrfectly poised to make trouble for Polly and friends!

    Monster High Ghoulia Yelps Doll ($20)

    Being that Ghoulia Yelps is the smartest ghoul in school, naturally she’s a comic book fan. Ghoulia’s on her way to NekroCon dressed as her favorite zombie super hero, Dead Fast. Ghoulia comes with a miniature Dead Fast action figure and a Dead Fast fan fic book that she wrote and illustrated herself.

    Green Lantern Kilowog ($25)

    Standing at nearly 8” tall, this is Mattel's biggest Kilowog to date. Sculpted directly from the digital files provided by the movie makers, this fully articulated figure is in scale with 6" Movie Masters figures sold at retail. He’ll be available first at SDCC, then here on

    Carol Ferris Barbie Doll ($35)

    Landing in special action figure-inspired packaging, it’s Barbie as Carol Ferris, lifelong friend and childhood sweetheart of Green Lantern hero Hal Jordan. Dressed in her green flight suit with a working zipper, she comes with her pilot helmet that features the Sapphire logo and Star Sapphire icon. Painted to the likeness of the actress who portrays Carol in the upcoming film, she also features an articulated body.

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    Re: San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives Revealed

    Am I the only one who's freaking out!?!?! This is probably going to be one of the most insane (and expensive) comic cons between just Hasbro and Mattel alone!

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