Midwesterners bracing for possible record flooding...

Is your basement taking on water?

After more than a week straight of heavy rains, “Governors in Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky have declared emergencies,” says CNN.

Tragically, floods are not covered by standard homeowners’ insurance policies. However, protection for your collection from floods and other natural disasters is available through Collectibles Insurance Services.

Due to the recent rash of tornadoes and flooding, Collectibles Insurance Services has seen an increase in phone and web inquiries for insurance. Every year the agency has a handful of total losses and many claims of damage due to natural disasters.

“We try to keep our customers informed and prepared for possible claim events” advises Annemarie Fitzpatrick, Director at Collectibles Insurance Services “and have made specific changes to our policies to address natural disasters”.

In their customer newsletters, Collectible Chronicles, customers are reminded to:

* Keep collections up off the floor. Six (6) inches is all it takes to keep collectibles safe from water damage caused by flooding; especially if stored on the ground floor or basement.

* Report losses or the possibility of a loss immediately

* Store records of their collection at a location away from the collection ideally a safe deposit box

* Schedule individual items worth $5,000 or more

Additionally, Collectibles Insurance Services implemented a waiver of their policies’ transit sublimit. “We want customers to feel secure in taking their cherished collections with them” says Fitzpatrick, “therefore in the instance of a government recommended or mandatory evacuation our policies now provide coverage up to the policy limit while the collection is in transit.”

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