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    Hot Toys 10th Anniversary Batman Begins 2-Figure Set

    Demon Batman and Scarecrow take their place in the MMS 1/6th line...

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    Most fans didnít expect Hot Toys to release additional figures from Batman Begins. However, in celebration of Hot Toys 10th anniversary and as an exclusive available only at the Hong Kong Toy Fair, the company released an impressive two-pack featuring Demon Batman and Scarecrow. The perfect addition to any fanís collection of Batman figures previously released from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. While these may be two uninteresting characters for casual fans, most die-hard collectors will be very happy to see Hot Toys including the Demon Batman from the nightmare sequence and the iconic villain from both film and comics, Scarecrow. Sadly, most die-hard fans also won't be happy unless they add these two limited edition figures to their collection as well.


    Fans will immediately see Hot Toys has synchronized packaging designs for their 10th anniversary exclusive figures. This time, Hot Toys has decided to make it a twin pack featuring the two previously mentioned figures. Similar to the previously reviewed Michael Jackson "Beat It" exclusive, the outer slip case is made of a very thick black faux leather. Again, at the bottom of the box is a label showing this to be one of the 2000 exclusive pieces made for the 10th anniversary.

    When you remove the outer slipcase, you discover the classic DC comics style city landscape printed inside the box. One will also find Hot Toys has picked purple as the main color for the Demon Batman box, whereas brown is the main color for the Scarecrow box. Both boxes are quite simple yet elegant with has portrait on the front part with some texts and the Batman Begins logo. And behind the box it is printed with the credits for the creative team. As for each figure inside the box, it is packaged with foam pieces wrapped according to the shape of the figure precisely to ensure easy shipping.


    While most people may not remember specifically how Batman Demon looks, they'll soon remember upon seeing this figure. Though it only appeared in the movie for a few seconds, Hot Toys has made this version of Batman as detailed as can be and the look truly demonic.

    Fans will find some shining liquids drops from the eyes and mouth which gives it a terrific demon looks. Thankfully, Hot Toys did not reuse the Batman Original Costume but added to the costume to include wrinkle on his head, upper body and even the gauntlets. This gives fans an entire new figure with a very different look when compared to the Batman Original Costume (below).

    As for Scarecrow, the head is sculpted to look like the gunny sack mask from the film, wrapping the entire head. However, it is actually made of the same rubber material as other Hot Toys head sculpts and isn't actually made of cloth.

    Another amazing sculpt created by the Hot Toys creative team, the overall presentation of this Scarecrow looks awesome, and one will be hard pressed to identify the material from afar.


    This Batman Demon is painted entire dark color scheme to make it looks demonic, something remind us that it is actually taking idea from gargoyle. You will see some disgusting tears and saliva paintjob apply on his terrific face. And also very nice weathering effects paint on its upper body.

    For the Scarecrow, the paint job applied on its head looks quite well to simulate its material like a gunny sack mask. You can see the Scarecrow has no FACE except his both eyes. But the paintjob applied on its eyes just perfect. Even it is small, but you still can see some red blood vessel paint apps on its eyes & very sharp blue eyeball, giving us a really badass looking.


    Both figures feature the TrueType body, which itself features plenty of articulation to ensure collectors and fans can pose the figures in various positions. But, as with the Batman Original Costume figure, the entire rubber costume will limit the Demon Batman's flexibility. If you try to bend the legs or arms too much, you might crack the costume. Likewise, (and the same as Batman Original Costume), the head and neck articulation is limited due to the Batman mask design.

    For Scarecrow, this guy is wearing two layers of clothes. Outer layer is actually some gunny sack like fabric material, so called madhouse uniform. Due to its thickness, the Scarecrow head has limited articulation. You canít actually bend its head in very flexible way. Thatís the only drawback. The rest of the parts are as good as other Hot Toys figures.


    Obviously, one can actually see the Demon Batman exclusive is actually a variant of Batman's Original Costume. That said, Hot Toys has done quite a few modifications on its costume to make it looks distinguished from the Original Costume. You will see there are some wrinkles and weathering effects added from upper body till both of its arm even the gauntlets.

    As for the cape, the top area nearby the neck has been added some weathering effects and also a few damaged holes along the whole cape. Basically, there is a hard cable hidden in the top part of the cape, you need to manually bend the edge a bit in order to fit into the body.

    The Demon Batman also come with a number of specially-made interchangeable hands which will give collectors and fans a variety of posing options. You can use the fists to punch the Scarecrow or perhaps use the palm for holding the Scarecrowís neck (below). One will notice there are some vessels added on all the hands to differentiate these from the Batman Original Costume version's hands.

    As for Scarecrow, he has only two specially-made interchangeable hands that at least give fans and collectors a slight variety of posing options. One will notice the hands have added some dirty paint effects as well.

    The main focus on this figure is the details of the outer gunny sack-like insane asylum uniform. One will see there are weathering effects and damaged parts at the edge of the sleeves and at the bottom of the uniform. Scarecrow's costume is designed with a number of belts along its entire length. Hot Toys followed the original design perfectly and has created the costume in 1/6 scale perfection. Lastly, the figure is actually wearing a formal wear with blue tie and leather boots, a very odd combination for a very odd character.

    Lastly, both figures include MMS stands with nameplates.


    Targeted more towards the die-hard Batman collector, both of these figures are well designed, accurate to the film, have good head sculpts and well tailored clothing. That said, the figures include few accessories, which is a little bit disappointing.

    Demon Batman could be clearly distinguished as a different figure when compared to the Batman Original Costume. As for Scarecrow, it has only one head sculpt, which may disappoint some people who wanted a Cillian Murphy head to be included.

    As this was an exclusive set available only at the Hong Kong Toy Fair, the secondary market price, which is currently around $300+, may scare many casual fans. As for die-hard fans of the previously released Batman figures, this set is a must own. Of course, Scarecrow is one of the most famous villains in the Batman comic series, but it is hard to predicts the figure's popularity in 1/6 scale. Hot Toys has wisely chosen to release it in limited numbers and packaged with Demon Batman. Overall, the set is a great addition for die-hard fans wanting to complete their Batman MMS collection.

    - photos and review by CK Lee

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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

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    Re: Hot Toys 10th Anniversary Batman Begins 2-Figure Set

    These figures are truly amazing, I live in the UK but still managed to pick them up. Scarecrow looks even better without the Madhouse straight jacket to reveal his suit underneath. Easily the best 10th anniversary figures they released.

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