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In regards to the Club Eternia subscription for 2012, will you be including an additional category so subscribers can be guaranteed every new monthly release such as weapon packs, vehicles, etc. or will those additional items continue to be sold seperatelly?

We purposely keep those out of the subscription so we have the freedom to increase or decrease the number of skus we do. With the sub we have to be upfront with every sku included and we need some freedom to try out new concepts without being tied to the subscription.
Aside from the Eternian Guards set, will there be any other 2-packs released in 2011?

You will just need to wait and see, SDCC announcements are coming soon!
With this year's release of the Faceless One in June, it would be great to have a 200X redeco of Evil Lyn to go along with him. How far away are we from this kind of Evil Lyn variant and would it be possible to include an additional head without her helmet showing her short white hair as in the MYP cartoon?

While this is a repaint wed love to do, we are not prepared to comment past Leech and Hordak at this time.
A few months back it was announced that Mattel was producing a Masters of the Universe video game. Can you provide any updates on this for us and when we may see the first images of the game?

Sorry, there are no updates at this time.
Can you announce when the Snake Mountain bases will be released and will they just be repaints of the Grayskull stands or feature new sculpt or details?

When we get to Snake Mountain stands they will indeed be new sculpts. Ideally this will happen in 2012. But no set plans yet.
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