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    Sideshow Exclusive "Putrid" Nyarlathotep Statue

    It doesn't get more horrifying than this...

    Sideshow's Exclusive "Putrid" Nyarlathotep Statue is in-stock now priced at $249.99. FLEXPay is available.

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    H. P. Lovecraft’s macabre Outer Gods and Great Old Ones are some of the most lasting and iconic fictional monsters of all time. Writing between 1917 and 1935, Lovecraft created the genre of “cosmic horror” in which mankind is but a tiny element in a universe full of powerful alien entities. Among those are the Outer Gods, alien life forms of incomprehensible power; indeed, just to witness the slightest aspect of their reality is to go completely insane. Thankfully, for the most part humanity is far too inconsequential for the Outer Gods to take notice, but when they do... watch out. Of all the malevolent gods, the one that interacts the most with mankind is Nyarlathotep, the “Crawling Chaos.” Appearing first in the 1920 poem “Nyarlathotep,” the god takes many forms including a Pharaoh-like man and a variety of amorphous shapes incomprehensible to the human mind. Later artists would create an iconic version with a tentacle where a head should be, and combined elements of other gods into the form of Nyarlathotep, their messenger.

    WizKids' Cthulhu HorrorClix with SOTA Nyarlathotep Statue

    SOTA Toys embarked on their “Nightmares” statue line in 2008 with the Great Old One himself, Cthulhu. That initial release started a trend of incredible highly detailed statues based on Lovecraft’s entities that included multiple exclusive versions. In 2009 came the next Nightmare, Nyarlathotep in his Crawling Chaos form. A massive high-quality resin statue, the alien god is truly one of a kind with a look never before achieved in three dimensions.

    Nyarlathotep comes in an appropriately massive box. Fully 22 inches tall (and 15x12 around), this thing is huge. The design is understated and sophisticated, with simple backgrounds and large product images on each side. The front panel has a “beauty” shot of the entity’s upper body along with its name and the SOTA logo in front of a muddled black and green background that continues around the box.

    One side has two different views of Nyarlathotep along with checkboxes for the different versions (basic Grey, variant Black, and Sideshow Exclusive “Putrid” – the one we’ll look at today). The other side has another full-body photo, as does the back where there’s also a brief description of the Outer God. All in all the box looks really nice and gives you a good sense of what’s inside.

    It’s quite difficult to describe Nyarlathotep. The god’s lower body consists of four massive tentacles equipped with giant octopus-like suckers. Growing upward from the confluence of those tentacles is what could be called its main body, essentially another tentacle that’s devoid of suckers. Scarred, burnt, and malformed, the central segment has several gaping mouth-like wounds. But that’s just the beginning of the story. Limbs sprout from Nyarlathotep at seemingly random locations, from the two huge “arms” protruding from one of the lower tentacles and the back of the main body to multiple smaller tentacles all over the main body and a trio of bloody, hoofed goat legs! That whole package is an enormous 12 inches tall and weighs 8 pounds.

    Nyarlathotep’s sculpt is incredible. There barely one inch of smooth skin on the entire statue, and that’s a weird lip-like fleshy bit wrapped around the statue’s middle. Instead, the god’s surface is cracked, pocked, skinned, and dotted with various protuberances like eyeballs and infected sores.

    The central column of flesh looks like a mass of scar tissue with broken teeth surrounding a missing gobbet of flesh. Around the back is another fleshy, toothsome mouth. The various tentacle limbs are differently textured as well, from the smooth skinned goat legs to the rippling octopus tentacles.

    While the other two versions of Nyarlathotep, grey and black, are primarily monochrome, this “Putrid” exclusive features a yellow-green cast that’s both sickly and creepy. There’s a wide range of greens and yellows in undulating patterns on the tentacles, while much of the broken skin, internal flesh, and suckers are a liquidy, glossy red. Particularly gnarled flesh dips into harsh grays, while the hideous teeth are stained yellow. Of course, Nyarlathotep’s hooves are black, and its many eyes are stark white against its horrible flesh. The pustules and congeries of spheres range in color from yellow to blue, otherworldly in the extreme.

    Nyarlathotep stands, or rather squats, on an exclusive terrain base. About an inch high, the grassy knoll under the Outer God’s tentacles is sculpted with plenty of detail and has a great paint job in green and tan. Its surface is nicely textured, and features two posts that fit into holes in Nyarlathotep’s tentacles, allowing the statue to rest in place. The bottom of the base has an info box with its limited edition number.

    The Nyarlathotep statue is as creepy as it is imposing. It makes a great centerpiece for a Lovecraft display, and it looks great all by itself. Just be prepared, because people will ask you just what the heck it is! Monster fans, you’ll be hard pressed to find something as unique as this, and there’s no better Nyarlathotep product in existence. If you’re not into the putrid color scheme, Sideshow also has the standard Grey version in stock. You can find them here:

    - Sideshow Exclusive Putrid Version

    - Standard Grey Version

    Review and Photos by Scott Rubin

    Review Sample Courtesy of Sideshow

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    Re: Sideshow Exclusive "Putrid" Nyarlathotep Statue

    As an avid horror fan I love the work SOTA has done with Lovecraft. The statues they've done are horrifically beautiful but sadly out of my price range. Congrats to those who can afford to own this masterpiece!

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    Thumbs up Re: Sideshow Exclusive "Putrid" Nyarlathotep Statue

    Very nice indeed

    I hope SOTA will continue this excellent line

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