Now take a few moments to protect it...

GI Joe, Winchester, Barbie, Babe Ruth, Superman, Lionel, McCoy

What do these items all have in common? Their collectible value, millions of enthusiasts worldwide and they can all be insured.

Most collectors are under the mistaken assumption that their collections are covered by their homeowners' insurance. It is only after they have a loss or hear of one in their collecting community, that collectors realize the need for a separate policy to protect their most prized possessions. Homeowners’ insurance is designed to cover personal property and is not nearly enough to protect antiques and collectibles.

The most popular collections insured at Collectibles Insurance Services are comics & action figures, stamps, sports memorabilia, firearms, model trains, dolls, glass and pottery; they also insure unique collections such as barbed wire, surf boards, vintage airline air sickness bags and even a shrunken head.

So what are you waiting for? You've spent years building your one-of-a-kind collection. Now take a few moments to protect it.

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Since 1966, Collectibles Insurance Services has been "insuring today's treasures from tomorrow's tragedy." As a company founded by fellow collectors, we understand that your collection is worth so much more than just money. And as experts in collectibles insurance, we know standard homeowners insurance alone isn't enough to replace your treasures.