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    Gremlins fans need your help

    Hello everyone. I love collecting. one of my favorite figure series and movie series is Gremlins.

    Now, NECA is making all the mogwai (George, Lenny, Daffy, Mohawk), Spider Gremlin, Daffy Gremlin, George Gremlin But NO Lenny gremlin.

    He is the missing piece and any gremlin fans would want him. PLEASE ask Randy at twitter if we can get a Lenny gremlin and please show support.

    Here is the link to his twitter page-!/neca_toys - for those fans who want all of them as mogwai and gremlins, this is the missing must--have piece.

    Please just tweet Randy a message asking if we could get Lenny as a gremlin and that you want him. and any other gremlins as well.

    Any fans please help out and I will do the same in support for other characters/other series. thanks

    but honestly, only if you guys are truly fans and want to collect this line. Don't bog NECA down, just a few requests is all I will probably get from anyone else if anything. just wanted other fans to be aware of this line and maybe some true fans that want Lenny can request him so we can get him.

    If the other fans want the BAT gremlin, Greta (female) gremlin, vegetable gremlin, etc, we have to get these guys first and show our support. I am buying atleast triple or more. I have already ordered a case of 14 mogwai- Lenny, George, Gizmo (hopefully for a good ratio on case count), and not doing this to troll but a geniune fan who knows all to well of the goods and bads of a collecting line.

    I'm just asking for any gremlins fans or fans interested in actually BUYING this line to do this so NECA can at least see the responses. I hope the line sells great anyways, not just for a Lenny gremlin obviously as I believe all the "new batch" (which refers primary to Lenny, George, Daffy, and Mohawk) are just as important in mogwai and gremlin form. Bat and some others were great incredible characters and I want them, but not before the most prominent characters of the film (as JOE DANTE refers to them as the "heroes") , so we got the rest in mogwai and gremlin form, Lenny is the last.
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    Re: Gremlins fans need your help

    That photo is sickkk

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