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You recently mentioned that the SDCC Exclusives for this year will be anounced some time in April. Are you planing to do this reveal on a segment of Attack of the Show once again?

We hope to be able to reveal them on AOTS again this year. If this comes about youíll see a post on Facebook.com/MattyCollector!
If you were to make a Granamyr figure in the MOTUC line would he be be in scale with MOTUC figures or would the size have to be significantly reduced to to make the piece affordable for collectors and within your production budget?

He might not be as big as he was in the mini comics, but if we did him he would still be pretty giant. Clearly bigger then even Tytus.
If a Cringer figure were to be produced as part of the MOTUC toy line, how big would he be in comparison to Battle Cat's size?

A MOTUC checklist would be a great incentive for Club Eternia subscribers. Have you considered releasing a exclusive poster for members with images of all the recent MOTUC figures as you did years ago with the DCUC toy line?

This is something we would love to do, but right now we are putting all of our resourses into the figures. Maybe this is something we can do in time.
When can we expect to see a Janine figure in the Ghostbusters line? Any time soon?

Hopefully sooner then later. We donít want to burn through all of the A-list characters too soon as GB as a line just does not have as many characters as a line like DCU or MOTUC.

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