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    Quarantine Studios' DEATH DEALER Statue

    Sideshow brings a new statue of Frazetta's classic axe-wielder to collectors...

    To order this impressive statue, click HERE.

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    I've been a fan of acclaimed fantasy artist Frank Frazetta since I first picked up an old Conan novel back in the fourth grade and realized the axe-wielding barbarian, thanks to Frazetta’s cover, was the fiercest, bravest and craziest warrior ever to live. Like most of Frazetta's amazing characters, Conan looked brutal, angry, restless and ready for battle, axe in hand amid a pile of bodies and enemies. However, if an axe is your fantasy weapon of preference and Frazetta your artist of choice, there can be only one: Frazetta's Death Dealer.

    Armed with a bearded axe and falcon-motif shield, wearing a horned helm, ornate breastplate and leather loincloth, Death Dealer was, is and will forever be the epitome of the medieval antihero. He's not a good guy nor is he supposed to be; he's a viscous, brutal, relentless and vengeful character the likes of which come around only once or twice in a generation. And, thanks to Quarantine Studio’s and designer/sculptor William Paquet, Frazetta’s Death Dealer comes to life in a beautiful new 13.75” polyresin statue available from Sideshow Collectibles.


    Packaged insides of a solidly constructed box with jet-black sides and front, the statue’s packaging boldly stands out on the shelf. The simple “F” signature of Frazetta and “Death Dealer” printed in glossy black on the front while the back of the box features information about the statue. The statue is held securely inside thanks to molded Styrofoam, ensuring the parts and pieces remain intact. Forget the flashy text and photos of other packages, this package – thanks to a bare minimal appearance and solid, single color – stands out as different, dark and holding something dangerous inside.


    Thanks to artist William Paquet, Death Dealer comes to life in this gorgeously designed statue. Standing atop a barren rockscape littered with skulls, the Death Dealer wields his massive iron and wood axe, eyes glowing red with visions of blood and slaughter.

    The warrior’s spiked helm - which features curving horns surrounding the plain faceplate - and ornate silver armor include detailed sculpting and layering as does the warrior's skull belt and back piece. Likewise, the iron greaves match the warrior’s shield, the motif of the falcon’s lined wings and tail present on both.

    The paint work on the statue is masterfully done, with a beautifully designed color palette which complements the character’s nature: dark, brooding, and hard. Likewise, there are few bleeding edges and no visible errors, making the quality of this piece impressive. The blood-stained axe and leather jerkin and loincloth (below) all show the artistic care and attention given to the application of the statue's colors and paints, providing collectors with the finest example of craftsmanship.

    The rock and skull base is painted a single, solid color, ensuring the viewer’s attention is fixated not on the base itself, but on the Death Dealer standing atop it. Likewise, the depth given to the character’s armor, weapons, helm and leather jerkin/loincloth is impressive; the dry brushed elements making the warrior’s look worn and tired.

    Likewise, the flesh tones, richly blended to provide plenty of musculature and depth, make the warrior an outstanding example of one at peak physical fitness. This blade-wielder may be battle-weary, but he’s more than capable of continuing to hack and slash his way to victory by whatever means necessary.


    Each Sideshow Exclusive Death Dealer statue comes complete with two interchangeable left hands: one toting the severed head of a recent opponent (below), the other brandishing the Death Dealer's reliable falcon-motif shield (above).

    As the regular edition of the statue includes only the severed head, the shield is the “exclusive” piece and my personal favorite. Reminiscent of Frazetta’s artwork featuring the helmed warrior carrying his shield both on foot and astride a horse, it will be this shield that – for some – is just as recognizable as the warrior’s axe.

    For collectors who display their statues and enjoy a variety of looks, the exclusive statue is worth the investment as both left hands provide unique looks; the severed head a post-battle, brutal visage of the character in victory, the second, shield-wielding a more battle-ready stance, set to wage war with whatever faces the faceless warrior comes across.


    Priced at $224.99, the Quarantine Studios and Sideshow Collectibles Death Dealer Statue makes for a fairly large investment for casual fans. That said, previously released statues of the Death Dealer have steadily increased in price over the years and, while the Death Dealer has had a book series and comic series created about him, there are really very few collectibles of this character, making this one worth picking up for those die-hard Frazetta fans looking to expand their collection.

    Overall, the Death Dealer statue is a masterpiece. Thanks to artist William Paquet, Quarantine Studios and Sideshow Collectibles, fans of one of Frazetta's most popular creations - the armored, armed and battle-hardened Death Dealer - have an impressive piece to add to their collection. And for fans of Quarantine Studio’s recently released Conan Statue who may be looking for a companion piece for their favorite barbarian, look no further...

    Be sure to click HERE to order your statue today and check out the gallery below for more images of this awesome statue.

    - photos and words by Jess C. Horsley
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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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