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    Bandai's Virtual On Temjin - Composite Ver. Ka

    Hajime Katoki shows how to do a Cyber Trooper right...

    Bandai's Virtual On Temjin Composite Ver. Ka is IN-STOCK at and priced at around $50.

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    For those that collect mecha action figures, few toy companies can compete with what Bandai Japan offers. In addition to covering most all of the major robot licenses, Bandai provides fans with numerous toy lines of said robot license. Be it through their more affordable Robot Spirits series or high-end Soul of Chogokin collection, Bandai has a mecha toy line tailor-made just for you. One of their many mecha lines is Composite Ver. Ka, a series of 6 inch figures designed by Hajime Katoki, a renown mecha artist best known for his work on the Gundam series and video games such as Super Robor Wars. Like a rock star in the musical world, Mr. Katoki is a celebrity in mecha fan circles, and rightfully so: his mechanical designs are legendary.

    For Bandai's latest Composite Ver. Ka release, Cyber Troopers Virtual-On was chosen, a series of games that - you guessed it - Hajime Katoki designed all the mechs for. In select import stores now priced at around $50 (see our sponsors above), the Temjin is the first in what I hope is a complete series of Virtual On Composite Ver. Ka action figures.

    Packaged in a large closed window box, the Temjin immediately attracts with a clear view of the figure and its wealth of accessories. Lucky for collectors, it doesn't take much to get to the goodies inside. Like many packages for Bandai product, simply cut a piece of tape, lift open the top flap, and slide out your prize on the plastic tray. Collector friendly, the tray holds the toy and its components twisty tie free allowing you to place the figure back in the box for display. However, we already know my stance on this collectible debate: Set your toys FREE!

    The Temjin is the best known Virtual On mech design; the "poster 'bot" for the series, if you'll pardon my punny metaphor. The mech, called a Virtuaroid, or VR for short, is very humanoid in appearance featuring a vibrant white, blue and yellow color scheme. The design is very reminiscent of a Gundam, no doubt due to Mr. Katoki's involvement on both properties. While Gundam-ish looking, the Temjin does hold his own with several unique design features.

    One cool characteristic is the protruding backpack that holds his VR disc (and to watch blu-ray movies, I'm sure). Bandai went to a lot of trouble getting this element on the Temjin right by building the device so it actually works. No, it doesn't play silly, but it does star a relatively complex mechansim that allows you to place the tiny disc in and have it pop out when the lid is open. Small details like this simply astound me on a toy.

    The Temjin also radiates awesome with its trademark weapon: the Multipurpose Beam Launcher. This blade-like weapon serves double duty as a rifle and energy sword, the latter which can be "powered up" with a HUGE attachable energy blade. Measuring 8 inches long, the translucent blue "blade" slides firmly over top of the Beam Launcher for a great alternative look. Unfortunately, the attached blade proves to be a little too heavy for the Temjin to hold properily; the mighty attachment causing the figure to lean forward.

    Other armament includes what is clearly a Beam Rifle (no sword action here) and some kind of plasma grenade. Interchangable weapon-grasping hands are included to hold both guns and a special grenade-gripping hand is packed in for chucking the colorful explosive. Oh, and just in case you snap one of the Temjin's fragile head antennas, Bandai even includes a bonus set that snaps onto his head. How's that for service.

    You may have noticed that neat display base in the picture above. That also is included with this figure, the stand allowing for some pretty extraordinary poses. With articulation out the wazoo, the Temjin can already move, but the display base elevates the poses you can achieve with this figure triple-fold. I honestly can not imagine anyone displaying the Temjin without the base, it adds that much depth to the toy.

    I love some variety in my mecha toy collection and the Virtual On Temjin adds just that. It's colorful and classic, Hajime Katoki's cool design made even better with this incredible Composite Ver. Ka action figure. I have an old Temjin produced by SEGA back in the day and as you can clearly see in the pic above, there is no comparison... much like Bandai Japan and mecha collectibles. They are simply some of the best robot toys on the market today.

    Bandai's Virtual On Temjin Composite Ver. Ka is IN-STOCK at and priced at around $50.

    Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor

    Review Sample Courtesy of Bluefin

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