New GI Joe, Marvel assortment​s, more!

 announces that they will be closed from March 28th - April 4th. If you were thinking of placing an order, please do so by Friday, March 25th so that they can get it shipped out to you before they close for a brief vacation. SmallJoes will have limited access to email during the vacation.


A variety of the latest GI JOE comics from IDW have been listed on the site including main series issue #27, A Real American Hero #163, and the Infestation limited series. Also, a couple of other recent issues (Origins #23 and Cobra #12) had been erroneously deleted from the site and are now listed again.

SmallJoes recently added the contents of a collection purchase. Among other things you can find:

- A variety of 25th Anniversary (foil edition) carded figures, some hard to
find these days.

- Some Spy Troops, Valor vs. Venom, and Direct To Consumer. Look for these in the Direct To Consumer and Vintage/Loose categories.

- A variety of out of print IDW and Devil's Due GI JOE comic books including a few complete series. Also added some Hasbro GI JOE comics.

Hasbro has released updated loose and also packaged photos for the upcoming Wave 5 and 6 Pursuit of Cobra figure assortments. You can find them in the respective product listings HERE.

SmallJoes' inventory of the international GI JOE items is drying up quickly. Check them out HERE.


SmallJoes has restocked a lot of Marvel figures including more than a few who have been unavailable for a year or more. Some restocks are new variant editions. Be sure to check 'em out HERE!


Several new 1:6 scale action figures have come into stock recently. Some high-lights include:

- Friedrich Paulus - German Field Marshall (Dragon Models)

- Modern Marine Corps (Afghanistan), Man in Suit, and Panzergrenadier - Wiking Div. (Soldier Story)

- 101st Airborne Paratrooper - WW2 (Figures Home)


All-Go! Toys will be returning with the classic 21st Century Toys 1:32 scale tooling. Two models are due for May/June: P-51B Mustang "Shangri La" and Focke-Wolfe FW190A 7/A 8/A9. Please get in your pre-orders today to reserve yours as these will be limited production runs. SmallJoes hopes these two projects will be successful so that All-Go! may be able to continue with 1:32 and also 1:18 scale releases. Check out their offerings HERE.


Interested in some really nice loose/complete/mint Transformers? Mostly Beast Wars but also some vintage, some Japanese, and others. Take a look HERE!


Be sure to take a look in the clearance aisle for cheap, cheap prices on products SmallJoes wants to move out of the warehouse!