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    Hot Toys MMS Falconer Predator

    He won't reveal his face but he'll take yours off in a heart beat...

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    Hot Toys brings the "Super Predator" trio as seen in last summers Predators one step closer to completion with their latest 1/6 scale figure: the Falconer Predator. This latest release in the Predators Movie Masterpiece collection offers an updated look to the already familiar Predator race and features new state-of-the-art weaponry, armor and even a cybernetic falcon to track its prey.

    PACKAGING: The packaging that Hot Toys has developed for this line has a distinctive new-age and sleek look which stands out among other MMS collections. Hot Toys has been sticking to a similar packaging format with most of their recent releases such as I mentioned in my previous Berserker Predator figure review. The Falconer Predator is housed inside a tall rectangular box that features an opening lid. The box also feature a removable black cardboard sleeve that features an angular die cut design with a crimson red transparent film which reveals the figure portrait from the inner box front art. The interior box features a close-up image of the Falconer Predator figure and the back includes a stylized image of the predator’s cybernetic falcon. The interior of the front box flap feature a beautiful full body frontal image of the Falconer Predator figure.

    SCULPT: The Falconer Predator follows in the footsteps of the Berserker in terms of sculpted details and overall look, yet it manages to rival its predecessor as a result of its unique and innovative costume elements and sleek bio-helmet design. While it is quite disappointing that the Falconer’s mask is not removable, Hot Toys more than made up for this with the last-minute inclusion of the awesome cybernetic falcon.

    The falcon has a very industrial and unique look to it. Its wings bare an uncanny resemblance to the exhaust pipes found in a classic Harley Davidson Chopper which a very cool detail that could not be seen in the film due to the falcon’s briefly short scene.

    Although the licensor did not allow Hot Toys to produce an unmasked head for the Falconer, artist Joseph Tsang did an amazing job rendering as much detail as possible on the exposed parts of the creature’s head giving fans a subtle yet exciting glimpse of what the face behind the mask may look like. The Falconer utilizes the newly-developed larger muscular predator buck body specially crafted for the Predators MMS collection. The finely sculpted texture on the Falconer’s scaly skin is rendered with the highest level of precision and detail. The Falconer features several unique element to his costume that set him apart from the other Super Predators in his clan such as the awesome metal gauntlet on his left hand and one-of-a-kind thigh armor plates.

    This Predator also includes an amazingly-detailed Predator skull which truly must be seen to be believed. The amount of detail that was rendered on the trophy skull is mind-blowing and clearly shows that making these figures is truly a labor of love for Hot Toys’ artists.

    PAINT: The Falconer’s uniquely-innovative and highly detailed sculpt is equally matched by an amazing paint job consisting of a vivid blend of earth tones and dark green hues giving the character’s flesh a familiar reptilian look that significantly stands out more than the Berserker. The armor pieces on the Falconer feature realistic weathered bronze and copper paint applications which clash significantly against the brighter colors on the creature’s body.

    Each individual rubber tendril on the Falconer’s head is colored in a mixture of earth tones that clash against the metal rings that surround them. The cybernetic falcon spares no detail in comparison to the Falconer and is also colored amazingly well. The Predator skull accessory features an immaculate paint job which gives it a realistic weathered ivory look as a result of its masterful blend of washes and dry-bushed color applications.

    ARTICULATION: Like all other Hot Toys 1/6 scale Predator figures, the Berserker is not as poseable as the human figures which feature the highly versatile True Type buck bodies but it can still be placed in numerous exiting and dynamic poses. The Falconer figure features over 22 points of articulation throughout its body which still allows for a wide range of movement.

    ACCESSORIES/COSTUME: The Falconer Predator includes a lot more packed-in accessories than its predecessor. The inclusion of a trophy predator skull alone makes this a much more desirable piece than the Berserker not to mention the last-minute inclusion of the cybernetic falcon.

    The armored components of the Falconer’s wardrobe are not removable but work well with the moving parts of the figure. The Falconer includes a clear PVC rod in the shape of a zig zag that conveniently inserts into a small hole on the Falconer’s lefts shoulder to display the falcon with the figure in mid air. While this was a nice touch, I would have preferred to be able to perch the falcon on the Falconer’s shoulder or forearm but it is virtually impossible to do without putty since the falcon does not have feet.

    The figure features a great looking leather-like skirt and straps which also enhance the overall look of the Falconer. The LED light on the Falconer’s bio helmet can be easily turned on via switch on the back of the creature’s neck and the battery is conveniently stored away in a hidden compartment within the back armor. The compartment lid is held shut by a tiny screw which cannot be removed by a standard screwdriver. I had to purchase a micro screwdriver at my local Home Depot or else I would not have been able to use the light-up function on the Falconer but it was a waste of time because the light did not work on mine.

    The Predators MMS137 Falconer Predator collectible figure includes the following:

    * Three interchangeable blades short, medium and large
    * One pair of open hands
    * One pair of closed fists
    * Predator skull
    * Cybernetic Falcon
    * Undetachable face mace mask with LED light-up function
    * Display base with movie logo

    OVERALL: Once again Hot Toys has managed to satisfy and exceed my expectations with this amazingly life-like 1/6 scale figure of the Falconer Predator. The Falconer is one heck of a collectible and one of the most visually amazing Predators in my collection so far. Although many collectors might not be able to afford the hefty $200 price point of this Hot Toys figure, it is absolutely worth every single penny, more so than the Berserker because of the additional Predator skull and falcon.

    The second member of the other-worldly hunters has been unleashed which leaves only the upcoming Tracker and his hound to complete the Predators trio. Be sure to keep an eye on for the upcoming Tracker Predator review in the near future but in the mean time, be sure to snatch up the Hot Toys MMS137 Falconer Predator before it flies away.

    Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Review Sample Courtesy of Hot Toys

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    Re: Hot Toys MMS Falconer Predator

    I was considering getting the Berserker Predator but a review put me off, I saw faults such as boots that cover the entire feet and ankles so their is no ankle articulation, the majority of the dreadlocks are painted so adjusting them too much will cause paint chipping, the mask is also too thin and squashed up against his face, the blades also had trouble staying in the slot so would fall out. Have you found any of these faults with the Falconer?

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    Re: Hot Toys MMS Falconer Predator

    I did not encounter any of those issues with the Berserker or the Falconer. I would say that the only major issue I have with the Falconer is the lack of a fully exposed head and the lack of ankle articulation was not that big of a deal to me. The feet on both predators sit on a ball joint which allows a limited range of movement.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thumbs up Re: Hot Toys MMS Falconer Predator

    I've had no negative issues with either, and they are both absolutely fantastic additions to any Predator collection. I am sooooo looking forward to the Tracker and Hound.

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