Stay Puft, MOTUC head pack and secret accessories, more...

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Regarding the secret accessories that will be included in the upcoming MOTUC figures, can you at least tell us if they will be in direct relation to that particular line? For example, will the accessory included with Megator be from the Powers of Grayskull?

The secret accessory for each character will be related to that character. That is all we are saying for now!
If you were to produce an in-scale Castle Grayskull play set would it be crafted to resemble the past designs that consist of just a front and back or would you actually include side walls to make it larger and more accurate to the design of a real castle?

If we were going to do the Castle we would go all the way and make a complete Castle. Just how it would be executed remains to be seen as we simply are not there yet and have not spent time developing or designing a Castle Grayskull.
Would it be possible to have a head pack released in the near future consisting of some variant 200X-inspired heads and perhaps some additional human guard portraits with facial hair or scars? This would be a great way to expand the MOTUC universe and generate more sales of monthly figures that fans will purchase for customization purposes.

Yes, we did present this and the idea was nixed. At the end of the day, a pack of heads will cost in tooling and resources about as much as two to three figures would. So it is just not the best use of our limited resources.
Since Mattel will be on the road in 2011 attending several different conventions, will there be upcoming products from MOTUC , DCUC and Ghostbusters on display at these events or will there only be a sales area?

There will be product displayed at all the shows, but not as much product revealed. Most of the reveals will still be at SDCC. Look for no more than one or two figures revealed at the smaller shows (similar to Carnivus from Philly Con last year).
Will the possible production of a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man rest upon the succes of this year's Club Ecto figure's sales or will you be making him regardless?

Doing a Marshmallow Man is not related to the sale of the Marshmallow Mess Ray Club Ecto figure. We would like to get to him one day.
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