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    Square-Enix Kingdom Hearts Trading Arts Mobile Avatars

    Cutesy versions of the fan-favorite characters...

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    In 2008, Square-Enix released a new title in their popular Kingdom Hearts game series entitled Kingdom Hearts coded which had players exploring a digital version of Jiminy Cricket’s journal and re-hashing many of the events from the original game. This interesting new title was unique in that it brought the series from traditional game consoles to the world of cell phone gaming. The popular game has since made the jump to the US in the form of a new port for the Nintendo DS entitled Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. In both adventures players are able to access an Avatar menu that allows for social gaming/tagging with other gamers through the exchange of player created “Avatars.” This series of Trading Arts figures is based on the style of the Avatars in the game and feature “cute” versions of the some of the most popular characters from the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

    The four characters are packaged in a longer box with a full window showcasing the figures inside. The outside of the box features original artwork with clouds and trees and a simplified Mickey’s castle that capture the fun animated quality of the characters. On the inside the four figures are kept in place and protected by a form fitting plastic tray.

    Each figure in the set is painted extremely well and capture the look of the Avatar system in the game. The sculpting on each reflects the style as well and invokes the costume and weapons of the character despite having very little detail. Sora manages to maintain features like his belt, zipper, and crown necklace along with his trusty Keyblade. Cloud has his torn cape, batwing, armored arm, and the Buster Sword. Riku is the most simplified, missing his sword/Keyblade but maintaining his yellow and blue color scheme. Axel features his black coat and silver details and wields his awesome chakrams in both hands. Each figure also features a removable clear stand and feature articulation in the neck and arms.

    One thing to note is that the Japanese release of this set includes a fifth figure not released in the US, an Avatar of the popular Final Fantasy character Tifa!

    This great little set of figures is sure to delight any fan of the Kingdom Hearts series or chibi-style collectibles and is available to order now at Square-Enix’s online store!

    Review Sample Courtesy of Square Enix

    Review & Photos by Michael Klein

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