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    Jazwares 3" Sonic the Hedgehog Figures

    SEGA's speedy blue mascot and friends still on the move...

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    The speedy blue hedgehog from the '90s has come a long way, and with a growing cast of new enemies and allies, there is no stopping Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog became SEGA’s iconic mascot during the heydays of the 64 bit “Genesis” video game console and he is still as popular, if not more so, today. Although many iconic video game characters have been transformed into action figures, none have had such a vast toy line as Sonic has. For several years, Jazwares has been producing one-of-a-kind toys inspired by the numerous Sonic video game titles. Today we take a look at some of the most recent 3-inch Sonic action figure releases and decipher the secret behind this highly successful toy line.

    PACKAGING: The single carded Sonic action figures are packaged in a traditional blister card surrounded by eye-catching full color graphics on the front. The plastic clamshell features the Sonic logo at the bottom making the action figure within fully visible. The back of the package features images of all the other Sonic figures available in the collection. The blister card art and oversize and design looks great and are sure to be a hit with mint-on-card collectors.

    SCULPT/ARTICULATION: Regardless of their petite size of three inches, the Sonic figures feature extremely detailed sculpts and an abundant level of articulation. The figures can be displayed in a vast amount of poses thanks to the generously-distributed articulation points on the body.

    Out of the four figures I received I only had posing issues with the Werehog figure but his production batch code was different from the rest which indicates that the QC has really improved on this line. The Knuckles, Sonic and Shadow figures had very tight joints and held their poses quite well.

    The Sonic figures feature the following articulation joints: Ball-socket head, shoulders, and legs; Swivel wrists, ankles and waist; Hinged elbows and knees.

    PAINT: The Sonic figures are colored very well with little to no paint misapplications. The colors are vibrant breathe life into each different figure.

    OVERALL: There’s no doubt why the Sonic action figures are such a hit at retail. Jazwares has put a lot of love into this line and has managed to deliver great looking toys with maximum poseability for an affordable price. The 3" Sonic action figures are available now at Toys"R"Us and retail for $4.99 and are highly recommended for gamers of all ages. Jazwares has big plans for Sonic's 20th anniversary this year including several newly designed action figures based on the original video game. Stay tuned to for the latest news on the exiting anniversary product n the coming months.

    Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Review Samples Courtesy of Jazwares

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	1sonic MOVE3.jpg 
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Name:	1sonic MOVE4.jpg 
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Name:	1sonic END.jpg 
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    Re: Jazwares 3" Sonic the Hedgehog Figures

    I've got to disagree, I was hugely disappointed with these figures. Not only are a large amount of the figures I see on the shelves either misassembled or badly painted, my major criticism is regarding the choice of articulation joints. Not only are they ugly but for the most part are effectively useless. These figures spend more time on their backs than Lindsay Lohan. Seriously Jazwares, please re-engineer your articulation.

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    Re: Jazwares 3" Sonic the Hedgehog Figures

    The reason Jazwares provided these samples to us was to demonstrate that they have recently stepped up their QC and while the earlier production runs did have loose joints and such, the most recent batches have been corrected and the joints are nice and snug now.

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    Re: Jazwares 3" Sonic the Hedgehog Figures

    Good morning,

    where I could get figures like this?, thanks

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    Re: Jazwares 3" Sonic the Hedgehog Figures

    These are commonly sold at Toys"R"Us. They can also be found at most online retailers. has a good selection.

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