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    NECA Crysis 2 Nanosuit 2.0

    Crytek's latest sci-fi military super suit in action figure form...

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    If you're a fan of first person shooter (FPS) video games, you've no doubt heard of Crytek's Crysis, the 2007 hit PC game which armed players with hi-power weapons and put players into the Nanosuit 1.0, a sci-fi military battle armor capable of great feats of strength and speed and actually based on a real-world DARPA military concept.

    Set in a ravaged New York City following a devastating alien attack, Crysis 2 pits players against a variety of aliens and military soldiers in both single player and multi-player modes. Battling aliens set on killing you and destroying the Big Apple, it's up to you - as a special forces soldier codenamed Alcatraz wearing the newly designed Nanosuit 2.0 - to defeat the aliens and prevent the destruction of New York City and the human race. Now, thanks to NECA, fans of the game and fans of awesome sci-fi in general can pick up this latest version of Crytek's fan-favorite battle armor, the Nanosuit 2.0, in 7" action figure form.

    PACKAGING: The same basic clam shell used on every Player Select figure works great again here. NECA's sturdy, attractive clear plastic bubble holds the figure and single accessory safely while keeping the packaging design simple with a single slip of paper with attractive graphics. The front side of the graphics show the devastated landscape of the game's New York City (circa 2023) while the back of the card shows the posed figure as well as information about the Nanosuit 2.0. Overall, the packaging is well designed, simple, and attractive.

    SCULPT: Brought to life by NECA in beautiful figure form, the detail here is extraordinary. The cybernetic organic muscles are all present and compliment total look, accurately capturing the design of the suit from the game.

    Likewise, every minute detail - from the visor band on the helmet to the gloves on each hand - comes to life here in this sculpt. Due to the articulation (mentioned below), some of the sculpting doesn't properly line up when the figure is posed; but when posed in a static, standing position, each and every battle armor plate and the cybernetic musculature is exactly where it's supposed to be (see CGI game design, below).

    One of the most impressively detailed figures in the Player Select line, this figure is generic at best when compared to some other figures which are of specific characters. While this may seem like a negative, it actually makes the Nanosuit 2.0 the perfect army builder for any fan of sci-fi.

    ARTICULATION: The Nanosuit 2.0 features a total of 28 points of articulation, including ball-in-socket joints at the neck/head, torso and wrists; ball jointed shoulders as well as hinge joints in the back which allow for chest movement; hinge joints at the elbows, ankles, toe and double hinge jointed knees. The figure also features cut joints at the biceps, thighs and mid-foot. Lastly, the hips feature a specially designed hinge joint and rotation joint which allows for the sculpt to remain accurate while providing similar poseability to the ugly ball joints which have traditionally provided movement on a figure like this. Overall, this amount of articulation and the type provides plenty of poseability for such a stout figure.

    ACCESSORIES: The figure includes only one accessory, the Scar 2 Assault Rifle. From what I understand, this is the default weapon in the game and, while it would have been cool to have additional futuristic alien weapons included, the inclusion of the rifle compliments the seemingly simple design and look of the figure as a whole.

    PAINT APPLICATION: Paint applications are all accurate to the original game design, gunmetal gray musculature surrounding metallic silver battle plates with yellow detailing and a dark maroon/red visor. There is very little bleeding or smudging thanks to the fairly simple paint scheme and paint application types.

    PRICE & OVERALL IMPRESSION: Priced at approximately $15, the figure is an awesome addition to any video game fan's figure collection. Likewise, for any fan of cool looking sci-fi soldiers, this is a great figure to have on your desk on display. Finally for sci-fi fans looking to create a cool futuristic army, this would make a great army builder.

    For those who are fans of Crysis and the forthcoming Crysis 2, the Nanosuit 2.0 figure is a must-have. It's accurate to the game and has an extremely detailed sculpt that's only complimented by a cool paint application.

    The Crysis 2 video game hits retailers on March 22. For those who prefer literature to gaming, the award-winning, fan-favorite author Peter Watts is adapting the game in his latest book, Crysis: Legion, which also hits newsstands on March 22. NECA's figure is available now.

    Review and Photos by Jess C. Horsley

    Review Sample Courtesy of NECA

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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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