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    Play Arts Kai Assassin's Creed II EZIO

    Your favorite assassin gets super sized…

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    Square Enix continues to expand their video game Play Arts Kai collection with the addition of the deadly assassin Ezio. Based on the Assassin's Creed 2 video game, the mysterious and incredibly agile killer Ezio is brought to life in the form of this highly detailed action figure.

    PACKAGING: The Ezio figure is housed within an elegantly designed window-box package featuring graphics from the video game along the window frame and side panels. The back interior of the box features an awesome illustration of the game's iconic symbol which enhances the overall look of the figure for sealed package collectors. The back of the box showcases the figure in several different poses illustrating the various display possibilities of the figure.

    SCULPT: The level of rendered details on this figure is simply mind-blowing. Ezio's costume consists of various complex elements of armor and fabric which are flawlessly represented in three-dimensional form. The fabric components on Ezio's outfit feature a rich life-like cross-hatched texture that closely resembles the look and feel of real material. The highly complex outfit on Ezio is composed of several layers of extensively-detailed sculpted parts which allow the figure to retain its agility while not impacting the sculpted details that are crucial to the character. The figure measures close to 10" in height and is also pretty heavy which is a reflection of its quality and overall value. The head sculpt on the figure looks great and captures the essence and feel of the video game quite well.

    ARTICULATION: There are very little poses that the Play Arts Kai Ezio figure can not be placed in thanks to its innovative articulated body. For being a very top-heavy figure, Ezio is able to hold many of his poses quite well as a result of the strategically positioned joints on his body. This amazing figure can be placed in several iconic poses from the video game that look very impressive.

    The most significant detail on this figure is the fact that the head piece consists of the portrait surrounded by the hooded rubber piece acting as one unified part which sits upon a ball-socket joint. This state-of-the-art design allows for the figure's head to be placed in various natural poses that closely mimic that of real human body movement. The Ezio Play Arts Kai figure features the following articulated joints: Double Ball-socket shoulders; Ball-socket head piece, wrists, mid section and inner thighs; Swivel biceps and thighs; Hinged elbows, knees and ankles.

    PAINT: The color applications on the Play Arts Kai Ezio are flawlessly applied and enhance the overall look of the figure significantly. The artists at Square Enix have truly done a fantastic job applying color to all the intricate details on Ezio's outfit. The head portrait is colored in rich dark flesh tones which contrast strikingly well against the expansive colors on Ezio's garments. Simply put, the painted details on this figure are a work of art on its own.

    ACCESSORIES: Ezio includes several packed-in accessories such as a pair of permanent retractable blades, broad dagger and long sword. While the retractable wrist blades do not actually retract, an additional interchangeable part resembling the device without the blade can be easily interchanged for varying display options. The sword can be easily stored inside a makeshift sheath along the inner folds of Ezio's cape. The figure also includes an additional pair of hands consisting of a left closed fist and right sword-gripping hand.

    OVERALL: While there have been several incarnations of this Assassin's Creed II character released by other toy companies, this version by Square Enix is one of the best. Whether you are a big Assassin's Creed fan or just love collecting awesome looking action figures, this figure is definitely one worth the consideration. The Assassin's Creed II Ezio Play Arts Kai figure is available now directly through Square Enix or through many of our fine sponsors priced at around $50.

    Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Review Sample Courtesy of Square Enix

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    Re: Play Arts Kai Assassin's Creed II EZIO

    Nice review! I can't get mine to stand for crap unless he's upright. Maybe I just got a bad batch figure or something, joints were loose too.

    Yours is much more impressive!

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    Re: Play Arts Kai Assassin's Creed II EZIO

    The shoulder joints were a bit loose but legs were solid. Perhaps that is why I was able to keep him standing up.

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    Re: Play Arts Kai Assassin's Creed II EZIO

    It would appear every figure company has to make some form of Ezio now, he's a very popular character by the looks of it. I have the two versions from NECA and i am currently looking into getting the one from Hot Toys. I don't currently own any of of the Play Arts Kai figures so i don't know they're style, but one problem i have is that his weapon that is supposed to be either a dagger or shortsword is way out of proportion, it's far to big and wide, other then that it looks to be a pretty good looking figure.

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