The pirates set sail once again...

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It has been 4 years since audiences were transported into the world of pirates with Captain Jack Sparrow and discovered the "World's End". This summer the epic pirate adventure continues as Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides hits theatres and Jakks Pacific will be at the helm of this voyage with their exciting toy line sailing into toy aisles on March 1st. There have been many toy lines based on the past "Pirates" films in the past but none has been as as large and ambitious as this one. The new Pirates of the Caribbean line from Jakks will appeal to children and adult collectors alike with it's 3.75" main line and 6" collector-based line.

The new 3.75" toy line will have a one-of-a-kind secret reveal feature on every item which will consist of a packed-in ring featuring a black light that exposes hidden details on each figure. This new feature is also featured on some other items and even the Queen Anne's Revenge deluxe pirate ship play set.

[ame=]YouTube - Pirates "On Stranger Tides" toys hidden symbols demo by Jak[/ame]
Secret Reveal Technology Demo Video

An additional 6" line will be more collector-focused and feature and enormous amount of detail and extensive articulation on each figure which will appeal more to adult collectors. The new 6" line will also feature its very own unique feature in the form of a build-a-figure program. Each character will include a piece of the oversized Gunner action figure. This a great incentive for collectors and will also help the line sell since collectors will need to buy every figure in order to assemble the build-a-figure Gunner.

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