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Thread: TF2011 - Halo

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    TF2011 - Halo

    Exciting collectibles for fans of the series - old and new...

    Toy Fair 2011 coverage brought to you by the following fine sponsors:,, and Collectibles Insurance.

    McFarlane Toys showed at Toy Fair their plans to continue their popular HALO action figure line well into Fall 2011 and beyond. The first thing that caught our eye at McFarlane's showroom was an all-new vehicle: the UNSC Falcon. McFarlane is still gauging retailer support and pricing for this cool ride; a small numbered model of the vehicle on display showing off the many pieces involved in its production (see photo HERE). Fans didn't think they'd ever get a Warthog, but they did, so odds are quite good they'll get this large vehicle as well. Reaction at the show was certainly positive.

    Speaking of the Warthog, McFarlane revealed at Toy Fair new weapon attachments for the UNSC ride. Due out in April priced at around $23, these include a Gauss Cannon with Spartan Operator Custom and a Rocket Launcher with Spartan JFO Custom. While you will need a Warthog to fully take advantage of these weapon mounts, they can stand alone as defensive turrets (see photo HERE).

    While Halo:Reach will continue to receive new figures this year, exciting news from Toy Fair was that McFarlane will be revisiting previous Halo titles for a 10th Anniversary Series. Some previously released figures like Cortana (from way back in Series 1!) and Arbiter will be in this wave, but fans can expect some all-new entries such as Master Chief in his armor from the first game and Dutch from ODST.

    As an extra incentive to collect them all, each figure will contain a piece of the Legendary icon - the cool Covenant skull on shield with crossed blades. Halo Anniversary Series 1, due out in September, will include: Halo 1 Master Chief, Halo 3 Cortana, Halo 3 ODST Dutch, Halo 2 Arbiter, and Halo 3 Grunt Spec Ops.

    McFarlane will also be releasing Halo Anniversary 3-packs including:

    * Fearless Leaders - Buck, Forge, Carter
    * Master Chief Evolution (Master Chief from Halo 1, 2, and 3)

    Some exciting collectibles for fans of the Halo series - old and new!

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    Re: TF2011 - Halo

    My jaw dropped when I saw the Falcon! That is so freaking sweet and blows the other vehicles out of the water. Put a whole squad of spartans on that thing then hang it from your ceiling! Oh my gosh I can't wait to pick this bad boy up!!

    Not sure how I feel about the vehicle upgrade packs. It's a different approach but at $23 bucks I don't think it's worth it. I'd rather buy a whole nother warthog for $30 with the different turret. I have enough spartans, I don't mind skipping a few. With that I wonder if we'll see the "Battle Damaged" versions they were talking about.

    Either way I'm excited. Now all McToys needs to do is make an in-scale Scarab and I'll be set!

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    Re: TF2011 - Halo

    Yeah, I'm not positive that 23 bucks is worth it. The figures go for about 11 bucks apiece anywhere, so that makes just the accessory an additional 12 plus needing new 'hogs for the accessory and leaving me with a bunch of extra turrets around.

    I think it was a good idea for how to utilize all the 'hogs currently on shelves, but this should be more in the 15-17 range if you ask me.

    But hey, how 'bout that Dutch? Now all we need is EVERYBODY ELSE FROM ODST

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