The First Avenger and God of Thunder pave the way for a MARVELous year...

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2010 was a fantastic year for Diamond Select's Marvel figure line with the release of such amazing figures as the Abomination, Thing and Magneto. The mammoth Juggernaut figure kicked off 2011 with a thunderous bang and there are several more amazing figures coming our way throughout the year. Diamond revealed their upcoming Thor and Loki movie figures along with their world premier of the upcoming Captain America "The First Avenger" figure which should hit stores in June right in time for the film's release. But it does'nt stop there... several other great Marvel Select figures will be seeing release throughout the year including a Red Skull movie figure, Classic versions of Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye and Black Widow as the Avengers begin to assemble for 2012.

The Marvel Minimates collection will also continue to expand in 2011 with the release of new assortments for Toys"R"Us and direct distributors including Spider Man, Grren Goblin, Iron Man and a new Hulk figure with muscular physique. For X-Men fans, there will be new figures of Mr. Sinister, Kitty Pryde and Nightcrawler. There will also be two Minimates boxed sets based on Marvel's current "Age of X" story line.The new X-Men First Class film will be getting their very own Minimates figures in 2011 along with several sets from the Thor and Capatain America films.

Thor movie Minimates

Captain America The First Avenger movie Minimates


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