Two iconic fighting games getting the Jazwares treatment in 2011...

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Jazwares revealed their upcoming Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter toy lines at the New Yor Toy Fair this week. The company behind such great toy lines as Sonic and the awesome Robot Chicken figures, will be producing 3.75" and 6" scaled figures of the upcoming Mortal Kombat video game which is set to release this April. While prototypes of the upcoming figures were not avaialable at the time of the show, package samples were on display and reveal what looks to be a very promising toy line. Here are the assortment details so far (release dates to be determined):

Mortal Kombat 6" Modern Figures
- Raiden
- Johnny Cage
- Scorpion
- Sub Zero

Mortal Kombat 3.75" Classic Figures
- Sub Zero
- Smoke
- Scorpion
- Reptile

Mortal Kombat 3.75" Robot Cyborg Box Set
- Smoke
- Cyrax
- Sektor

But that's not all... Jazwares is also working on a series of 3.75' figure 2-packs based on Super Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter II. The figures were be in accurate to one another so the bigger guys like Bison and Sagat will tower over other smaller characters in the line. The first two-pack assortments will consist of:

Super Street Fighter IV 2 pack- Modern Figures
- Abel VS Guile
- El Fuerte VS Seth

Street Fighter 2 pack- Classic Figures
- M Bison VS Akuma
- Ryu VS Sagat

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