Arnold is baaack in 2011...

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NECA revealed the next two waves of Terminator figures at the New York Toy Fair this week, including exciting new figures from the movie that started it all. The new classic Terminator figures will also be accompanied by two new versions of the T-1000. The new Terminator figures should begin to show up in stores around June/July with the second assortment showing up later in the Fall.

Terminator Collection Assortment 1 (June/July)

- Battle Damaged Tech Noir T-800 w/ Uzi 9mm and .45 long slide with laser sighting
- Motorcycle Cop T-1000 w/spike arm and Uzi
- T-800 Endoskeleton (new version)

Terminator Collection Assortment 2 (Fall)

- Battle Damaged Tech Noir T-800 w/opened forearm exposing endoskeleton (includes shotgun and 2 interchangeable heads)
- Police Station Assault T-800 (includes machine gun, shotgun and 2 interchangeable heads)
- Steel Mill T-1000 (includes 2 interchangeable heads)

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