Don't get them wet...

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One of the bigger announcements out of the NECA camp at Toy Fair was that they are bringing back Gremlins in a a big way. THESE ARE NOT RE-RELEASES, but all-new sculpts with many all-new figures. The coolest thing about this series is that all the Mogwai figures (Gizmo, et al) will feature exciting new articulation, including moveable ears, and get this, rotating eyes! The latter operates by a nicely concealed ball on the back of the head that acts as a joystick of sorts. Seeing that the expressions of the Gremlins really define the characters, the inclusion of this ingenious eye-moving system is to be commended.

Scroll on for the 2011 lineup (click each name for a look!). A to-be-announced Gremlin will be offered as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive!

* Mogwai Asst. 1 (Spring 2011)

- Gizmo
- George
- Lenny

* Mogwai Asst. 2 (Summer 2011)

- Combat Gizmo
- Mohawk
- Daffy

*Gremlins Asst. (Fall 2011)

- Flasher Gremlin
- George (Gremlin Form)

* Deluxe Spider Gremlin

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