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    TF2011 - LOST, Venture Bros., Dexter, More!

    The retro-style figures and bobble heads keep on coming...

    Toy Fair 2011 coverage brought to you by the following fine sponsors:,, and Collectibles Insurance.

    In addition to their new Doctor Who license (see our story HERE), BifBangPow! had on hand at Toy Fair many other properties including LOST, Venture Bros., Twilight Zone, Beastly and Dexter. Scroll on for a complete listing of this year's offerings as 8" retro-style figures, bobble heads and even 1:1 scale prop replicas.


    - SERIES 1: Kyle and Kendra

    - SERIES 2: Lindy and Will

    - SERIES 3: Kyle Kingston and Kendra (White Gown)


    - SERIES 4 (Summer 2011): Dr. Girlfriend and Hank Venture

    - SERIES 5 (Summer 2011): Dr. Orpheus and Phantom Limb

    - SERIES 6 (Summer 2011 SDCC Exclusive): Jonas Venture Sr. and Rusty Venture

    - SERIES 7 (Fall 2011): Molotov and Billy Quizboy

    - SERIES 8 (Fall 2011): Shore Leave and Killinger

    - SERIES 9 (Spring 2012): Brock Sphinx, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, Alchemist, Pete White, and Jefferson Twilight


    - SERIES 4 (Summer 2011): Dr. Bernardi and Henry Bemis

    - SERIES 5 (Summer 2011): The Invader and Venusian

    - SERIES 6 (November 2011): Clown and Nurse

    - SERIES 7 (November 2011): Santa Claus and Alicia

    - SERIES 8 (November 2011): Alien and Maya the Cat Girl

    - Willie and Jerry Bobble Head (May 2011)

    - Bob Wilson Bobble Head (May 2011)

    - 1:1 Mystic Seer Replica (Summer 2011)

    - 1:1 Talky Tina Replica (Summer 2011)


    - Bobble Heads (July 2011): Maria Laguerta, Debra Morgan, Dexter and Harrison, Dexter, Dexter (Jumpsuit), Dexter (Kill Outfit)


    -SERIES 4 (Summer 2011): James "Sawyer" Ford and Juliet Burke

    - SERIES 5 (Summer 2011): Jack Shephard and Sayid Jarrah

    - SERIES 6 (Summer 2011): Miles Straume and Claire Littleton

    - Bobble Heads (June 2011): Jack Shephard, Desmond Hume, Sawyer, and Dr. Lesli Artz

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