Retro-style figures and TARDIS "bobble head" kick off new series this summer...

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As previously announced (see our story HERE), BifBangPow! had acquired the license for the long-running television series Doctor Who. The license covers all eras of the show from 1963 through to the present day.

On display at Toy Fair were BifBangPow!'s initial offerings, 8-inch retro-style action figures and a cool TARDIS "bobble head". The figure series kicks off this summer with the Fourth Doctor as played by Tom Baker and a Sontaran Major Styre.

To be offered at San Diego Comic-Con this July will be a TARDIS "bobble head" with sound effects from the show (above), as well as Cyber-Leader and The Master (below).

Much more Doctor Who product will be announced later in the year, but the license is already off to a great start.

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