New Officer's Battlepod and 1/100 Valkyries...

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Things have tapered off for Toynami's long-lasting Robotech/Macross license, but new product is on the way in 2011. On display at Toy Fair was a new collection of Super Weapon Sets for use with the 1/100 scale Valkyrie figures. These included cool power-up mods for the VT-1 Super Ostrich, VF-1D with Super Pack, and VE-1 Elintseeker. Also shown were new Macross 1/100 figures including VF-1J (Black), VF-1S Max, and VF-1A Low Visibility Version.

Most exciting to this collector was news that the vinyl Officer's Battlepod will finally see release this summer. Like previously offered Battlepods, this cool Zentraedi mech, shown at Toy Fair in all it's red, white and grey glory, will be sold in both Robotech and Macross colors, the latter most likely to be a SDCC exclusive.

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