The Force is strong with LEGO in 2011...

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The Star Wars universe continues to expand this year with new building sets based on both the Clone Wars animated series and the Classic Trilogy. The brigade of exciting new building sets is sure to satisfy Star Wars and LEGO fans alike.

The new mid-sized Imperial V-Wing (SRP $19.99) and Battle of Naboo (SRP $24.99) are available in stores now with a new Ewok Attack set ($24.99)to follow in August.

Two new army-building battle packs (Mandalorian and Clone Trooper SRP $14.99) are also in stores now.

The Bounty Hunter Assault Ship (SRP $64.99) and Jedi T-6 Shuttle (SRP $79.99) are in stores now with two additional sets (Sith Nightspeeder and Genosian Starfighter) planned for an August release.

Star Wars Advent Calendar (SRP $39.99) Available Agugust 2011.

As far as the "big guns" are concerned, LEGO has four brand new sets planned for August 2011. Leading the way is the all new Republic Frigate (SRP $119.99) which includes 5 mini figures and features a detachable escape pod, opening cockpit, rotating turbolaser cannons and retractable undercarriage. There will also be a new Millenium Falcon set (SRP$139.99) consisting of 1,238 pieces, 6 minifigures and will feature hull plates that open up to reveal a detailed interior, rotating quad laser cannons and a detachable cockpit cover.

For fans of The Phantom Mence, there will be a new Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator (SRP $69.99) will include mini figures of Quigon, Padme Amidala, Capatin Panaka and Darth Maul. And last but not least, the Anakin & Sebulba Podracers (SRP $89.99) set will include 5 minifigures and two pod racers.

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