The Robots in Disguise evolve even further in 2011...

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Hasbro unveiled their extensive Transformers line-up for 2011 and this time around they rolling out all the bells and whistles. With a strong focus of product based on the new Transformers Dark of the Moon film, the offerings from Hasbro are truly "more than meets the eye"

On May 20th, Hasbro will release the ultimate compendium of the Cybertronians and their origings since the eighties. The Tranformers Vault book will consist of endless never-before seen concept art and unproduced toys from deep within the Hasbro vault.

Hasbro revealed their brand new and innovative building sytem KRE-O which will kick off with the release of their Transformers building sets. There will be 12 building sets in 2011. Each set will include mini figures called Kreons. Each building set will provide consumers with the option of creating the Transformers in theri robot or vehicle mode as well as customized alternate creations. The first sets to be revealed were the following:
-Optimus Prime

The Transformer lines will be split up into 3 different collections Mechtech, Cyberverse and Robo Power.


This will be the core Transfromers collection and will consists of Deluxe and Voyager Class releases. Figures will include newly-developed weapons which are transformable.
The DX 1 series will consist of:

The DX 2 wave will consist of:
-Megatron (new look from Dark of the Moon)
-Optimus Prime

Wave 2: Shockwave

Leader Assortment wave 1:
-Sentinel Prime
-Ultimate Optimus Prime (available Fall 2011)

The Human Alliance sets will continue in 2011 with all new human/Transformer sets.
The sets will consist of Sentinel Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide and Sideswipe

This collection will consists of action sets, vehicles and gunner stations which will be triple-changers and inteact with Transformers figures. The first assortment will include action sets that include Starscream and Bumblee and then a Deluxe Autobot ARK with Roller pilot will be released in the Fall. The ARK will also transform into an Autobot base for added play action.

Robo Power
These will be targeted specifically for smaller children, will be easy to transform and feature child-friendly play features.

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