The Force remains strong in 2011...

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Hasbro kicked off their Star Wars presentation at Toy Fair with the good news that their Vintage Collection will continue on strong well into 2012. It will also branch off beyond the six-film saga to tackle figures from the Expanded Universe and even Deleted Scenes to be found on the upcoming Blu-ray. Speaking of vintage, Hasbro will be releasing 12 figures on Revenge of the Jedi cards - the title of the movie before its was changed at the last minute to Return of the Jedi. This wave will see release in August, though fans will be able to pick up all 12 in a massive Death Star packaging at San Diego Comic-Con in July (see our story HERE).

Another exciting announcement was news that the new Mail-In figure will be the white prototype Boba Fett as seen in the 1978 screen test shot.

Hasbro's big ticket item this year will be a Clone Wars Republic Attack Shuttle. Like 2010's awesome AT-AT, the Attack Shuttle will feature loads of play value, including two modes of play an armored attack base playset and an attack ship. This will retail for a SRP of $79.99. Batteries not included.

Other new items included Star Wars Blu-ray action figure 4-packs in celebration of Star Wars coming to Blu-ray. Coming this August for a SRP of $24.99, each pack corresponds to a specific movie in the saga and includes four action figures featured in that film. Blu-ray discs sold separately.

The last big Star Wars announcement was that the stubby and cute Galactic Heroes will be coming to an end to make room for Hasbro's new JEDI FORCE. These little figures are about the same size as Galactic Heroes but they feature articulation allowing them to fit in the new vehicles much better. The articulation also makes playing with them much more enjoyable.

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