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    Koto Fine Scale Model Kit - TAKEMIKADUCHI TYPE-OOR

    Muv-Luv Alternative mech ready for action... once you build him.

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    Have LEGOs become too easy and mundane for you? Think you can take on building something a tad bit more complex? How about building your very own action figure, joints and all? Kotobukiya's new non-scale full action plastic kit of the TAKEMIKADUCHI TYPE-OOR robot from Japan's popular game/comic series MUV-LUV ALTERNATIVE is just the thing if you answered "yes" to any of the above. The TYPE-OOR is a 3rd Generation Tactical Surface Fighter in the series.

    [ame=""]MUV-LUV ALTERNATIVE[/ame]

    The TYPE-OOR box is colorful and surrounded by photographs showing you the ‘finished’ product, paint and all, so don’t be too surprised when you find that it really is indeed a model kit with what feels like thousands of pieces. Each bracket of pieces is individually labeled by a letter and each piece is numbered for easier building - not that it’s going to be easy. Tweezers, clippers, and super glue will become your best friends in this task and I encourage you to have that in close reach before you begin.

    The instructions are in Japanese but with the pieces appropriately labeled, this can be done! It may take you an entire weekend but it’s doable! There’s a lengthy explanation about the TYPE-OOR along with specification in the manual but will only be help if you can read Japanese.

    After completing nearly 60 steps of building, the base robot is ready to go and if you've done your job right, you will have numb fingertips and a kick-*** robot. The sculpt is typical for Koto: brilliant. All the time spent in piecing together various joints and body parts will eventually reward, with a six-inch robot. Do be absolutely patient and careful when removing pieces, as this is an incredibly fragile piece and is subject to break if mishandled. The glue is highly recommended for the non-articulated parts as he will eventually be carrying a lot of weight and pieces will fall off if you’re not careful.

    Because this is a model kit, paint has not been applied with the exception of the red markings on the bridge of the helmet. The plastic pieces come in purple, black, gray, and transparent red. Thankfully there is a color guide in the manual to help you with the paint process if you choose to do so. The photographs in this review show the unpainted product.

    As far as articulation goes, this model kit is pretty highly articulated and the fun part about it is, you get to build every single joint! The TYPE-OOR has over thirty moving parts involving various pin, swivel, and ball joints. Do be careful as the plastic isn’t as strong as what you would find on a Hasbro toy and ball joint limbs can come off if improperly handled.

    TYPE-OOR also comes with an insane amount of accessories. The fact that you have to build every single extra hand and weapon adds to that insanity. The picture on the box shows it off best, offering various blasters and swords that can be attached to his back or placed in its hand. There are various hands that serve their own purpose and swap out easy enough.

    Kotobukiya's Fine Scael Model Kits are a complicated feat of engineering and design, and if you have the patience and the drive, this can be a fun way to spend your weekend. The figure is certainly sharp to look at and with the proper attention, can be quite the project. Because this is a Japanese import, expect to pay upwards of $50-70 for it.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Review Sample Courtesy of Kotobukiya

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	1MUVLUVgear.jpg 
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Name:	1MUVLUVpack.jpg 
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Name:	1MUVLUVtop.jpg 
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Name:	1MUVLUVviews.jpg 
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Name:	1MUVLUVviews2.jpg 
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Name:	1MUVLUVinstruct.jpg 
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Name:	1MUVLUVclose.jpg 
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Name:	MUVLUV_0001.jpg 
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Name:	MUVLUV_0002.jpg 
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Name:	MUVLUV_0003.jpg 
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Name:	MUVLUV_0004.jpg 
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Name:	MUVLUV_0005.jpg 
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Name:	MUVLUV_0007.jpg 
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Name:	MUVLUV_0008.jpg 
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Name:	MUVLUV_0009.jpg 
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Name:	MUVLUV_0010.jpg 
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Name:	MUVLUV_0011.jpg 
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Name:	MUVLUV_0014.jpg 
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Name:	MUVLUV_0015.jpg 
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Name:	MUVLUV_0016.jpg 
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Name:	MUVLUV_0019.jpg 
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Name:	MUVLUV_0020.jpg 
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