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NOTE: Due to the New York Toy Fair, there will not be a Mattel Q&A for February 15. Ask Matty will return March 1st.

It has been a good while since we have heard any news regarding the Masters of the Universe film? Do you have any updates to share with us?

Not right now. We know fans want news and as soon as we have some to share, we will!
In regards to other Caligar characters, such as Cerratus who was not in the Filmation cartoon, would his figure still have the retro look that Whiplash has or would the figure be more closely based on the MYP design with minor classics elements such as furry shorts etc.?

If we did Cerratus from the 2002 series he would be Classic-ized much as Marzo and Carnivus are.
Will the production units for Panthor be doubled in comparison to that of the initial Battle Cat release?

Sorry, we can't comment on any specifics about production runs of any figure.
Will the new Voltron Force toy line be revealed at Toy Fair in February and will there be 6" figures?

We will have Voltron toys to reveal at SDCC - likely not before.
Have you ever considered producing a decorative carrying case for the MOTUC or Ghostbusters toy lines?

This is something we have looked at but with the limited resources we have for collector lines, right now we are putting all of our energy into making the figures as great as possible.

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