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    Hot Toys MMS Iron Man 2 MARK IV

    Latest figure like a fine wine that just keeps getting better with time...

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    It comes as no surprise that the Iron Man 2 figures from Hot Toys were the best 1/6th scale collection in 2010. With the introduction of its first movie villain Whiplash, Avengers member Black Widow and the heavily-weaponized War Machine, the collection soared to new heights. Remarkably, the main man himself was left for last but now the wait is finally over as the newest mech suit from Iron Man 2, the Mark IV has been released. We are kicking of 2011 with a bang with the latest Iron Man 2 Mark IV 1/6 scale collectible figure by Hot Toys.

    PACKAGING: The newest MMS Iron Man 2 figure’s package design follows in the same tradition as the previously released Whiplash, Black Widow and War Machine. The package’s outer box sleeve has a metallic finish and features a film image of the Mark IV on the front which bleeds out to the edges and completes the photo mural when displaying all the Iron Man 2 figures side by side.

    The inner box features a die-cut design that resembles mechanical aspects of the mech suit’s design and the back includes images of the Mark IV figure in several different poses. I have to admit – the packaging on the MMS Mark IV is pretty lackluster in comparison to previous Iron Man figures but then again, the true prize is what’s inside.

    SCULPT: Although the Mark IV is technically a modified version of the Mark III suit, Hot Toys has done a fantastic job making this figure leave the previous one in the dust. The mech suit this time around is sleeker and more aerodynamic giving the figure the most realistic look of all the Iron Man figures so far. The design and execution of the Mark IV is the most film-accurate Iron Man produced to date and supports a much wider range of articulation while keeping the overall look of the figure as natural as possible.

    The new Tony Stark head sculpt, while very good, is not a considerable improvement from the Mech Test version released last year which is almost a mirror image of Robert Downey Jr’s likeness.

    PAINT: The color application on the Mark IV is a huge improvement from the previous releases. The most noticeable difference on this figure is the shinier metallic paint coat which closely resembles the look of real metal. The Tony Stark head is colored flawlessly significantly enhancing the already impressive sculpt work. The paint work on this piece stands as testament of the unmatched high quality works that Makes Hot Toys the best at what they do.

    ARTICULATION: The Mark IV is the most poseable Iron Man figure Hot Toys has ever made. The most significant improvement in articulation is the inclusion of a newly-designed flexible mid section which allows wider range of motion in that area.

    One of the greatest features on the Mark IV is the inclusion of an extra pair of fully articulated hands that can be placed in several different ways. The hands feature fully articulated fingers that resemble the same range of movement as those of a real human hand. While the press images of the Mark IV in the ground-punching pose were nothing short of impressive, I was not able to get the actual production piece into that position at all. The main issue with that pose is that the countermeasure discs on the exterior of the upper thighs rubs up against the rubber edge of the crotch area which limits how much of a crouching pose the figure can be placed in. Besides that, everything else is fine on the figure and it does feature a much wider range of motion on the body thanks to the positioning of the articulation joints. Unlike the previous Iron Man figures, the Mark IV includes hinged hand shields which support a wider range of motion on the wrists and contours the form of the hands better no matter what pose it is placed in.

    ACCESSORIES: The Mark IV MMS figure includes a plethora of packed in goodies that will significantly enhance the overall demand and value of the piece for collectors. Aside from its LED light-up eyes, ARC reactor and hands, the figure comes packed chock-full of awesome extras. Thanks to the fine folks at Hot Toys, collectors are able to recreate the popular hangover scene from the film minus the giant donut with their last-minute inclusion of a donut box with donut and the designer red shades that Tony wears in that scene. Aside from the standard display base with movie logo and name plaque, this figure also includes an awesome light-up base resembling the one seen in Tony’s hall of armors in the film. The base also features a clear Plexiglas tube and adjustable waist clip that allows for the figure to be displayed in various flight poses.

    The MMS Iron Man Mark IV figure includes the following accessories:

    - One pair of articulated, closed fist, open and relaxed hands
    - Detachable chest armor and forearm rockets
    - Fully deployable back air flaps with metal components
    - Retractable countermeasure dispensers
    - One pair of red sunglasses
    - Donut box with 1 donut

    OVERALL: Since day one, the Iron Man Movie Masterpiece collection has been some of the best movie-based 1/6th scale figures ever produced and the brand new Mark IV stands as evidence of Hot Toys’ commitment to produce the highest quality Iron Man figures they can make. The Iron Man MMS collection is like a fine wine that just keeps getting better and better with time.

    Although this figure’s price point may not be within your financial reach, cutting back on other expenses to be able to buy this piece is highly recommended. You can always take advantage of Sideshow’s FLEX PAY feature which allows you to pay for this figure in two monthly installments. The figure retails for around $200 US and is expected to release domestically within the next couple of weeks.

    Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Review Sample Courtesy of Hot Toys

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    Re: Hot Toys MMS Iron Man 2 MARK IV

    Nice review!

    I just recently scored the figure myself.

    Question: Did you have a hard time getting the flaps on the back to go into the shoulder? For the life of me, I can't get them in!

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