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    Ask Matty Q&A - JANUARY 14th

    Animated Ghostbusters? Jitsu? More giant MOTU figures?

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    1) Since 90% of all MOTUC figures feature the loin cloth/furry underwear, the inner thigh joints are restricted as a result. Have you considered making any future modifications to the crotch area on the figures to allow a more flexible range of motion on the legs for the figures?

    This is something we have looked into and we are always working on ways to improve figures (as evident by Vikor’s boots). Nothing to announce now, but a change we do look into.
    2) Is there still a possibility of having figures of the three giants from the MYP cartoons made into action figures, and if so, would you consider making them more poseable than Tytus?

    All three giants from Buzz Off’s Pride are possible, but any figure as tall as Tytus would need to be done with some roto tooling like Tytus had. If we did them in pure plastic and articulated as a 6-inch figure is, it would drive the cost to over $100! The reason roto tooling was used was to keep the costs reasonable for the consumer.
    3) Since Jitsu uses the same chest piece as King Randor, will this figure be coming sooner than later?

    The short answer is no. Using shared tooling in no way indicated a figure is coming any sooner or later. It just means when and if we get to Jitsu we might have some parts complete already! (although due to the cape it is likely the chest piece will be resculpted if and when we get to Jitsu)
    4) Now that it has been announced that the Four Horsemen will no longer be working on the Ghostbusters 6" line, can you tell us which will be their final 2011 figure?

    The Horsemen only worked on the first three figures’ heads and the main body for the jumpsuit Ghostbuster. All of the other figures including both Peter figures, Walter Peck and the suit body were done by Mattel designers.
    5) Is there any posibility for any animated Ghosbusters goodness coming our way in 6" for 2011 or are the Retro Action figures it for now?

    Right now the movie line is not selling well enough to justify branching out to an animated styled line. We’d love to do an animated line in 6-inch scale but based on sales of the movie style figures, the GB audience is not large enough to justify the amount of tooling and development this would take. (Considering there are more fans of the movie style then of the animated style overall.)

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    Re: Ask Matty Q&A - JANUARY 14th

    RE: Ghostbusters sales

    They'd sell better if they looked better. They're cheap mass market quality figures, just like the Dark Knight line. In a world where collector's are used to things like NECA's Predators, McFarlane or SE Halo figs and even some of the impressive things Hasbro pulls off in 3 3/4", those Ghostbusters figures are inexcusable. If they were 3 3/4" scale, then maybe those sculpts and serious lack of accessories would be ok. But not in 6". Mattel dropped the ball on those HARD. I'm hoping they drop the license and NECA can recover it, they can bust out the GB figs collectors want and deserve AND let them loose in stores. I'd bet my 3A collection they'd do well enough between collectors and Joe Public getting a look at them.

    I bought that first Egon from SDCC. Thing was a joke. Glasses all busted up, loose joints everywhere. Got another one, better glasses, still soft, weak joints. Nasty shiny plastic.

    Its simply NOT up to par with where licensed figures are in the industry right now.

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