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    remember these... *updated*

    Hi i'm new to the forum but i wanted to post this to share with you guys what i've been collecting lately. so here goes...

    Behold !

    BOGLINS ! ... If you were lucky enough to be an 80's or a 90's kid then you will almost certainly be able to remember these guys. This is a Boglin released in 1987 by Mattel and he is awesome ! This is my own Boglin, one of three of the very first original ugly little creeps to be released back in the day. This one is called Flurp as seen and the other two were "Dwork" and "Plunk" but the Americans may know them as "Drool", "Dwork and "Vlobb" as they had different names depending on where you were from.

    I remember these when i was a young kid but it wasnt until i was bored one day thinking of things i had when i was a kid that i could try and hunt down now as im a collector of toys but more so mint and unopened stuff i had when i was young and got alot of enjoyment out of, i like to think of myself as more of a "sentimental collector" you see, but anyway i happened to stumble across an image of one of these completely by chance while searching for street sharks of all things. As soon as i saw it those locked away memory's that had long since been forgotten came rushing back, i remembered seeing boglins but i was that young at the time i couldn't remember the name of them but after i saw the image i had to search for them. After Dragging up all the information on these horrible little blobs it made me want one, badly, and so it was off to the bay of e i went. These things are hard to find now, especially the ones that survived 20 plus years without taking much wear but after a few weeks of patient waiting i found the one you see above, both he and his box (which is just as cool as the boglin itself) are in such good condition for being older then me you would just not believe, the seller on ebay took alot of care packing him so i was delighted when he arrived.

    Weather you remember these or not ill bet after reading this thread most of you will take a trip to ebay or google at least to find one. Although there were only three to begin with, this line branched to lots of other different types of Boglins in all shapes, sizes, colours and personalities stemming to europeon releases, Argentine glow in the dark releases, Japanese releases and mini boglins depending on how far you want to dig for them. Im not going to get into the ins and outs of what came out when and which one is called what but one thing thats more then worth mentioning is the halloween versions of these guys. After my hours of dragging information up on Boglins its clear for a monkey to see that the halloween releases are the best looking and most sought after of all the Boglins by massive stretch as you will clearly see.There are two of them, one is a pumpkin themed Boglin and the other a Skeleton themed Boglin, they are both equally impressive but it really just depends weather or not you get more satisfaction out of pumpkins or skeletons, I myself would get more joy out of skeletons but thats irrelevant, lol. If like me you have become infatuated with them once again or even for the first time, wikipedia will tell you alot about them, the rise and fall, types and names but even a simple google search will bring you all kinds of info on them. I dont want to tell you everything about them, its much more fun searching for yourself, there is tons of stuff about them to find but i think you deserve a few pics and info just to feed your Boglin hunger.

    here is a picture of one of the halloween Boglins you may remember him, hes called "Blobkin"

    There must be something wrong with you if even the tiniest part of you doesnt want to own that thing, or any of them for that matter. I can tell you that you should be able to find them online relatively easy if you arent fussy about the box and condition of the boglin ect but if like me, everything has to be included with it and anything below near mint condition is not an option, then it may prove a challenge finding one, they become available from time to time but don't expect to get them for a low price as i found that out myself. If like me you live in the UK the Boglins in great condition will be expected to go for around £30 - £50 plus around £10 shipping cost due to the size of them and your going to want them well protected, this is depending on the level of interest but i cant see them going for any less. On American ebay the prices are at around $60 just for a dirty Boglin in a beat up box. One thing to be aware of when picking which Boglin to buy is that if you are again as sad and overly ocd as me and you want your Boglin and its box to be as complete and perfect as possible just take note that on the American box it comes with a tag type thing stuck to the front like the one on the picture of Blobkin above that details the boglin and its personality, just be aware that some of them listed on the internet dont have these with them which could devalue the Boglin or leave you disappointed if you hadn't noticed it was missing.

    The good news for the UK people seeking these guys is there arent any tags on the Uk released Boglins, the personality description is on the sides of the box so you dont have to worry about it being missing. This is a small detail but if it matters to you then its worth knowing just for your reassurances. The boxes of the usa and the uk releases differ in small ways such as the usa box has silver bars whereas the uk box has black bars and obviously no description tag. The layouts of the box design is a little different aswell but you will find all that out as your search progresses.

    (I do realize i'm rambling on here but hey you may be interested, then again you may want the 10 minutes of your life back but i'm afraid i cant give it to you)

    After i had bought another Boglin off ebay (called Dwork) which again i was lucky as he arrived mint, i just wasn't feeling fulfilled with them for some reason and i knew in the back of my mind i just had to own one that had not been removed from his cage and was still attached to the inside box (brand new and mib if you will) I knew it was a tiny possibility that they even still existed but there are still the odd one or two around as i saw with the picture of Blobkin above and a few various images and videos i came across. It was a long shot but i had to get my patient cap on and pray that one became available. As it happens one did... a very special one that i had completely ruled out in my mind, it was on american ebay, an auction over 6 days. I couldnt belive it, i had found the very Boglin i had most desired, A bog o Bones halloween release that had never been removed from his box, still had his tag and the halloween trick or treat bag that came with them at the time of release, even the original price tag was on it... I had to have it and money was no object. I contacted the seller and he was quite helpful and willing to send him over to the uk... given that i won the auction. I was glued to the listing for 6 days and finally when it ended on a tuesday at 2 o'clock in the morning (my time) i stayed up to make damn sure i won braving the fact i had work four hours after it ended. i won it... Lucky for me id put in a "safe then sorry bid" of $200 at the last second and he ended on $150, thats right, i didnt mis-type that, $150 ! plus $50 shipping and insurance. The fact that some body out there wanted him enough to put a highest bid of $150 gives me some reassurance that im not the only Boglin obsessed lunatic on the planet so yeah that helped. Anyway the seller was really good to me and packed him carefully and he arrived in pristine condition, i was over the (insert swear word) moon with it, He is now my most treasured possession and here he is...

    I feel fulfilled with him in my collection although much to the disapproval of my girlfriend (yes its possible for a guy as nerdy as i sound to have one, although the mere mention of a Boglin causes her to die a little inside) ill carry on collecting Boglins as i really want a Blobkin now, im not really too fussy weather or not he may be mib like my Bog o Bones as like i said, im fulfilled with just one like that id prefer if i could find one that was but i aint gonna hold my breath. Here are my Boglins together...

    I hope you have enjoyed my thread on Boglins and i hope that it may be useful to some of you guys although i understand that the few of you that have read it and got as far as this are probably contemplating suicide by this point, don't, just a few more lines to go. What was it about the 80's and 90's that made us appreciate the simple things so much, they simply just don't make stuff like they used to. Kids these days have never lived, more interested in being wired up to the wall on an xbox while their childhood passes by, although take nothing away from the awesomeness of the xbox but what happened to the days of sticking one of these boglins on the end of your hand when you was a kid, camping in the bushes and mud, waiting for an unsusspecting younger sister to walk by only to be frightened half to death by you and your Boglin... Oh how their generation have missed out
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    Re: remember these...

    Love them - Lots of memories!

    Let me know if the missus needs you to rehome them


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    Re: remember these...

    I remember them! I've tried to get some over the years but am always outbid. First time seeing the pumpkin/Halloween one. So awesome! Thank you for posting this!

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