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    Sideshow Collectibles Marvel X-FORCE Polystone Diorama

    When it's time to get serious, dial "X"...

    The X-Force Diorama is currently IN-STOCK at Sideshow Collectibles.

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    The Marvel Universe has seen quite a few "X" teams branching off from Professor Xavier’s original X-Men, from X-Treme to Generation X. One of the most popular back in the '90s was X-Force, a splinter group led by Cable and comprised of younger heroes from the New Mutants. By the 2000s that team had pretty much fallen by the wayside as characters moved on to bigger and better things. But, that wouldn’t spell the end for X-Force. In 2007 – 2008’s Messiah CompleX storyline, Cyclops creates a brand new team of the best mutant hunters and trackers to locate Cable and the prophesied first mutant born since M-Day. This new X-Force then went on to star in its own series from 2008 to 2010 with a starting roster of four heavy hitters: Wolverine, X-23, Warpath, and Wolfsbane. A black ops team sent to do what others won’t (or can’t), X-Force is the hidden dagger in Cyclops’ arsenal and a lethal force for good.

    Sideshow Collectibles’ X-Force Polystone Diorama comes in a huge box (nearly 21 inches by 14 by 9). It has an overall gritty, industrial feel with slate gray backgrounds and graffiti. The enormous front panel features a beauty shot of the diorama in front of an image from the comic book, so you know exactly what you’re getting. At the bottom are logos for Marvel, X-Force, and the Sideshow Exclusive.

    The back panel shows off the statue in full color and detail as well, while the sides focus on the specific characters with filtered views of the diorama members. In addition to the imagery, there are biographies of the individual members and the team as a whole on the sides and back of the box to bring you up to speed if you haven’t been following the book. Overall the box is very nice, and it lets you know exactly what’s inside (except the exclusive part) and who these characters are.

    X-Force is not a comic book for kids. There’s no sugarcoating their missions; Cyclops sends them to kill. Their targets are the largest threats to mutantkind, and often humankind as well. They don’t always succeed, but they’re damn good at what they do and always leave a trail of bodies in their wake. X-Force is led by Wolverine (James “Logan” Howlett) and while the killing suits him, being in command doesn’t always come naturally. The team’s backbone is Warpath (James Proudstar), the “big man” with heightened strength and reflexes who wields twin blades. X-23 (Laura Kinney), the female clone of Wolverine outfitted with similar adamantium enhancements, is little more than a killing machine when X-Force begins, though throughout the series she gets in touch with her humanity and becomes more well-rounded. Wolfsbane the werewolf-like mutant (Rahne Sinclair) rounds out the team, though personal issues plague her throughout their time together.

    The X-Force diorama represents the team around the end of their first mission as told in the “Angels and Demons” storyline. They’ve killed their target Risman and his Choir troops, but face new enemies in the form of Eli Bard and the reborn Bastion. The team stands together on a harsh and cracked landscape littered with wreckage and fragments of the Choir’s wings. Warpath forms the group’s center, standing at ease with a dagger in one hand and the other sheathed behind him.

    Wolverine is ready for any surprises at a low crouch to Warpath’s right. His signature claws are unsheathed and those on his left hand fit perfectly into corresponding slashes in the nearest piece of debris. X-23 stands to Warpath’s left, all four claws deployed as she too searches for more enemies. Meanwhile, Wolfsbane in her human appearance rests on Warpath’s shoulder, an excellent vantage point for a well-timed leap. All of the figures plug into the base securely via heavy metal posts except for Wolfsbane who plugs into Warpath’s shoulder.

    Sideshow’s statues are known for their excellent sculpts, and this diorama does not disappoint. Every sinewy muscle stands out from the mutant quartet, and with Warpath and Wolverine there are plenty to go around! And while the men are rather hulking, the ladies are much more lithe and beautiful even in the face of carnage, just like in the comics. All of their uniforms are perfectly detailed with tight bodysuits and accessories like belts and pouches, gloves, and boots. Other than the very different body shapes, each character has a truly unique head sculpt as well, capturing the mutants’ personalities from the aloof X-23 to the ferocious Wolverine. It bears repeating that while a boring base can kill even the best statue, X-Force stands on a great piece of terrain that really brings it together.

    Paint applications are super sharp on the mutant kill team. The comic series was known for its stark colors, with the team’s colors generally varying little between gray, black, and flesh tones with hints of red (and much more when in combat). True to form, the members of X-Force wear their utilitarian and yet still sexy gray and black uniforms, each of which is unique with regards to the style and pattern shape. The flesh tones of the mutants are all different, generally darker on the men and lighter on the women. Bright red shows up on their belt buckle “X” symbols, as well as their masked eyes. The various blades, both adamantium and vibranium, are silver, as are the shredded wings on the base. Look closer for a lot of painted details like the hair on Wolverine’s arms!

    The X-Force diorama comes standard with an extra swap out part. Wolverine has two distinct heads, one wearing his mask and one without it. The bare head is frozen in a ferocious scowl while his hair sweeps out behind him, while the other looks just as deadly with the same expression wrapped up in the character’s familiar cowl in X-Force colors. Each head plugs into the body via a strong magnet and looks seamless once installed.

    If you get the Sideshow Exclusive version of this statue (and you should!), you also get a second Wolfsbane figure! This one is in full wolf mode, and about as opposite as you can get from the regular version. While that one rests calmly upon Warpath’s shoulder, this one is leaping forward with claws extended and bared teeth snarling. The piece has a really excellent sculpt with textured fur, knobby fingers, and sharp claws. Combined with Wolverine, Wolfsbane really presents you with two display options: the more humane X-Force with unmasked Logan and human Rahne or the vicious mission-ready masked Wolverine and feral Wolfsbane!

    The X-Force diorama is a great depiction of one of the coolest mutant teams in recent history. The lineup has great characters like Wolverine and the others, and it looks simply amazing. The different display options give it flexibility too, and a freedom to choose what you prefer. The bottom of the base has further info and another image from the comics in addition to the limited edition number. Best of all, X-Force is in stock at Sideshow right now! Get yours HERE.

    Review and Photos by Scott Rubin

    Review Sample Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

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