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    Hot Toys MMS "Predators" - BERSERKER

    Guard your lower jaw, the Berserker Predator is on the prowl...

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    The second Predators MMS 1/6 scale collectible figure from Hot Toys has been unleashed and it is none other than the big daddy of the super Predators himself, the Berserker. If you have not yet seen this film, the Berserker is the darker-skinned predator that wears an ornate skeletal jaw affixed to the lower portion of his bio-mask. The Berserker predator (also known as Mr. Black) is a stronger and more evolved breed of the predator species. This new figure is possibly one of the most anticipated holiday releases from Hot Toysí Predators MMS 1/6th figure collection this year and we are proud to present you with this extensive review of the piece.

    PACKAGING: The packaging that Hot Toys has developed for this line has a distinctive new-age and sleek look which stands out among other MMS collections. Hot Toys has been sticking to a similar packaging format with most of their recent releases such as I mentioned in my previous Royce figure review (see HERE).

    The Berserker Predator is housed inside the same tall rectangular box that features an opening lid. The box also feature a removable black cardboard sleeve that features an angular die cut design with a crimson red transparent film which reveals the figure portrait from the inner box front art. The interior box features a close-up image of the Berserker Predator figure and the back features an image of his bio-helmet in the film. The interior of the front box flap feature a full frontal image of the menacingly powerful Berserker figure.

    SCULPT: The MMS Berserker 1/6 figure is the absolute most detailed predator produced by Hot Toys to date. The realistic likeness of the head sculpt is captured flawlessly by artist Joseph Tsang. The option of the interchangeable mandibles and removable bio helmet with attached skeletal jaw significantly sets this particular predator apart from all the other predators Hot Toys has produced today. The Berserker figure also features a newly developed muscular body specially designed for the new predator breed from the film. The finely sculpted texture on the Bersekerís scaly skin is rendered with meticulous perfection and precision.

    The head sculpt on the Berserker is one of the most complex and beautifully rendered designs mainly because of the significantly different look of the creature in the film and look is captured flawlessly. The body armor pieces on the Berserker look fantastic and vividly life-like. One particular thing about this figure which was a bit disappointing is that the actual production scale is not as larger as Hot Toys stated it was going to be. While is in no way a deal-breaker for me, it would have been great to have Berserker clock in between 15 to 16 inches in height which would have also made up for the much higher price point.

    PAINT: The Berserker Predatorís exceptionally detailed sculpt is equally matched by an amazing paint job consisting of a vivid clash of dark tones and vividly bright colors. The armor pieces on the Berserker have a realistic weathered bronze look resulting in an amazingly cool clash of colors on the figure. The complexity of the Berserkerís head sculpt is immaculately decorated with a vast palette of colors which truly brings the piece to life.

    Berserkerís bio-helmet features the highest level of colored details on any predator figure. The cool and sleek design of the helmet is painted flawlessly and the skeletal jaw portion is features a vividly realistic color and texture that really brings out this piece and sets it in a league of its own among others of its kind.

    ARTICULATION: Like all other Hot Toys 1/6 scale Predator figures, the Berserker is not as poseable as the human figures which feature the highly versatile True Type buck bodies but can still be placed in numerous dramatic poses. The Berserker figure features over 22 points of articulation throughout its body which still allows for a wide range of movement.

    ACCESSORIES/COSTUME: While the Berserker predator possesses unmatched sculptural attributes, it lacks significantly on its packed-in accessories. This may be particularly due to the fact that the creature does not carry many weapons in the film but I still think that Hot Toys could have included a trophy skull or battle-damaged classic Predator bio helmet since the skull and spinal chord accessory is a re-hash of the one included with ď87Ē MMS Predator. The MMS132 Predators Berserker Predator Collectible Figure includes the following:

    * Three interchangeable blades short, medium and large
    * One pair of open hands
    * One pair of closed fists
    * Severed bloody skull with spinal chord
    * Display base with movie logo

    OVERALL: Once again Hot Toys has managed to satisfy and exceed my expectations with this amazingly life-like 1/6 scale figure of the Berserker predator. Although many collectors might not be able to afford the hefty $200 price point of this Hot Toys figure, it is absolutely worth every single penny and simply the most amazing predator figure released by Hot Toys to date.

    Although Berserker is not as big as he was supposed to be, do not let this deceive you as this amazing figure simply has to be seen to be believed. The first of the other-worldly hunters has been unleashed but the remainder of the Predator clan is still in the midst and waiting for their time to come out. Be sure to keep an eye on for the upcoming Falconer Predator review in the near future but in the mean time, be sure to snatch up the Hot Toys MMS130 Berserker Predator while you still can.

    Review by Jorge Pelaez

    Photos by OMG and Jorge Pelaez

    Review Sample Courtesy of Hot Toys

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    Re: Hot Toys MMS "Predators" - BERSERKER

    Great review!

    This was my first Hot Toys purchase and it has absolutely blown me away. The figure is absolutely amazing I didn't even notice that the Berserkers canon spun before firing in the film until after I had this figure.

    The skull/spine may be a reused accessory, but the Berserker did rip the guy's spine and skull out in the movie so I'm VERY glad its included. I also love that the power cord from the mask's LED targeting light actually plugs into the armor, so that when removing the mask, you're pulling out a cord first as many on screen preds have. A tiny, possibly accidental detail, but I love that.

    After seeing pics of older pred figures from HT, all I can say is I really hope they re do them all because, compared to the Berserker, they look very sub par. I'm really hoping we get new versions of just about any pred they want, because now that this figure stands boldly on my shelf, intimidating all other toys, I will buy them in a heart beat.

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