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    Hot Toys MMS Terminator 2: Sarah Connor

    The toughest woman to ever face a Terminator returns in figure form...

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    Following our previously published reviews of both the Hot Toys MMS Terminator 2 T-1000 and the Hot Toys MMS Terminator 2 T-1000 Disguised as Sarah Connor, we have the woman who brought the Terminators to their knees: Sarah Connor.

    Hot Toys continues to impress fans and collectors with characters from both recently released films as well as classic, fan-favorites and this recent addition to their Movie Masterpiece Series is a testament to that.

    Featuring a unique new 1/6th female body thatís ready for a marathon and with enough arms and ammunition to take on a SWAT team, the new Hot Toys MMS Sarah Connor comes loaded for bear and fighting fit.


    Like the previously released Terminator 2 figures, Connor comes in a slipcase cover window-box packaging featuring a silver reflective finish with attractive graphics and text. The exterior features the filmís title, logo, and the characterís name while the back of the package features the usual Hot Toys credits. The interior of the package features the figure and accessories safely housed in a molded black plastic sleeve with a clear protective shell which ensures all parts and pieces stay in place and safe until the collector opens it.


    This is Sarah Connor at her finest; buff, but not freaky, smooth, but not soft. Thanks to the new, 11Ē tall 1/6th scaled body with rubber chest and arms, the figure has a much more life-like appearance thatíll impress both fans and non-fans alike.

    Likewise, the head sculpt (below), captures actress Linda Hamilton well, bringing the character to life enough to deserve an award. Most fans have come to expect some discrepancies in head sculpts as itís an art after all, not a science and Sarah's visage is no different.

    That said, the face features the strong cheek bones, high forehead and cropped hair fans of the film remember. Likewise, the figure includes two different hair attachments, providing fans two different display options (and even more when combined with the hat and sunglasses accessories).


    The figureís head sculpt is complimented by the factory paints, which provides film-accurate application of colors. The character's green eyes (like her son's) feature minute details, including a ring of yellow near the iris. The hard, steely gaze is further distinguished by slight bags under the eyes, a sign of her constant vigilance and tireless struggle to prepare for Judgment Day.

    The facial sculpt also features lines around the lips, which help distinguish the faint pink color the lips bring to the face. Finally, the brown hair and eyebrows are well detailed with touches of both light and dark colors in them to give both depth and detail. Thanks to two different types of bangs, the figure's facial look can be changed.


    As previously mentioned, Sarah comes loaded for bear with plenty of weaponry, including a SR-16 M4 Stoner (Colt Commando CAR-15) with detachable sound suppressor, laser sight and ACOG scope; a Remington 870 Police Combat Shotgun with folding stock, high capacity tube magazine and speed reloader; a Custom Colt/Detonics 1911 .45 pistol, and a combat knife with black leather sheath (above).

    Both the long arms (the rifle and shotgun) fit well in the figure's hands and can be carried single or double-handed. Each feature plenty of detail as well, including removable shells which fit in the shotgun's speed reloader and detachable magazines and scope/sight on the rifle (below/above). Likewise, the pistol can be held with either hand, though the figure includes a specially designed pistol-grip right hand. The pistol's slide moves and magazines can be removed.

    The figure also includes a number of other accessories, including a removable military watch, six different hands (3 left, 3 right), a cigarette, a removable pair of military sunglasses, two versions of bangs (hair), and a removable ponytail, all of which provide the figure with a number of distinct looks (see SCULPT image).


    Like previously released 1/6th female bodies, this one features plenty of movement in the legs and waist, including ball-socket hips, swivel thighs, double-hinge knees, and ball-peg ankles. However, thanks to a new rubber-covered upper body which features covers the shoulder, elbow and neck joints, fans will apprecaite the amount of design and skill put into creating this unique collectible.

    Something worth noting in this section: the skin tones of the chest and upper body are brilliantly brought to life and, if you look closely, you'll notice no detail was spared, not even the small scar on Sarah's left shoulder. Very impressive work Hot Toys...very impressive!


    With a suggested retail price of $150.00, the price seems not only fair, but a sure bet for die-hard Terminator 2 fans and collectors wanting to add the most accurate Sarah Connor 1/6th figure to their collection. Perfectly in scale with the previously released figures (standing around 11" tall) and accurate down to the minutest of details (including her shoulder scar!), the Hot Toys MMS Terminator 2 Sarah Connor figure is one 1/6th figure fans of the franchise won't want to miss!

    With a good number of accessories, plenty of weapons, a unique 12" body with rubber upper torso and arms, and a beautifully sculpted and painted likeness of actress Linda Hamilton, even non-fans will find it hard to resist wanting to own this impressive piece of 1/6th action figure art.

    The Hot Toys MMS Terminator 2 Sarah Connor figure is available now wherever fine action figures and collectibles are sold.

    - Jess C. Horsley
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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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