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    TRON: LEGACY Sam Flynn & Clu Light Cycles

    Light trails not included...

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    A film many people are looking forward to this year is TRON: LEGACY and thereís nothing more iconic about the (now) franchise than the Light Cycle. Toy company Spin Master acquired the license for TRON: LEGACY and has produced some very innovative new toys in support of the film. The Sam Flynn Light Cycle and Clu Light Cycle are the main focus in this review but if youíre jonesing for more, a Kevin Flynn Light Cycle and Deluxe Light Runner are also available, along with two series of action figures.

    The TRON: LEGACY Deluxe Light Cycles will cost you about $20 each at retail stores and if you think the box is wasting a lot of shelf space, you might be right. These specific light cycles are in the same price category as the Deluxe Light Runner, a much larger vehicle that fills up the entire box. But because the Light Cycles are equipped with more sounds and a removable figure, shipping them with the Light Runner was the smarter thing to do.

    Since the top portion of the packaging is occupied by the fully visible Light Cycle, whatís the bottom half for? Spin Master gave us something more nostalgic for the bottom with a ďLook Here!Ē spy goggle / view master feature. Looking through the lens will give you a look at the Light Cycles in action. Sam Flynnís photo actually shows the various features of the toy while Cluís shows the picture without any words.

    The back of Sam Flynnís box is definitely more interesting to look at as for some reason the back of Cluís box is filled with jargon. The overall design of the packaging is flashy and fun and definitely looks cool on the toy shelves.

    Both light cycles come with their respective rider in limited form; as in, only their arms and head are articulated. The lower half of their body is pre-posed to stay in riding form. While this may prove annoying to many, I can understand why they did this. The included figure is merely an accessory, so buying the single carded figure is still a necessity for many. And perhaps that is the smartest thing Spin Master did here as the single carded figures can ride these cycles too OR you can swap the heads around, if you prefer.

    Another key difference between the stationary figures and the standard ones are the light features, as the Light Cycle versions donít light up. They go on and off of the Light Cycles easy enough although Cluís is a tad bit trickier due to its design.

    Getting into the figures themselves, the sculpt of Clu is satisfactory but Sam is really unfortunate. His helmet is properly shaped for the cycles but completely blacked in and certainly not accurate. I prefer using the basic carded Sam Flynn head on the light cycle but it still wonít be accurate since he wears a different helmet.

    The Light Cycles are also unique to each rider as well, but both have similar lights and sound qualities. There are three options: "Try Me," "Off," and "On". The "On" mode is preferred and when holding the button down longer, you will be able to see the lights and hear the roar of the engine. The cycles also react differently when a rider is in place so have fun experimenting with that.

    The last feature on the light cycles are the three air-brakes. These are adjusted manually so itís up to you when to apply them. The cycles also feature rubber wheels and when used, the engine rotates. Cool right?

    As December 17th nears, I get more and more excited about TRON: LEGACY. And while these toys arenít 100% accurate (theyíre missing a few lights here and there), they are wonderful toys and a lot of fun to play with. Sam Flynnís Light Cycle are readily available everywhere while Clu is more difficult to find. Iíve only had luck at Wal-Mart locations so it wouldnít hurt to try them. If youíre a fan of Tron, these toys are a delight. Light trails not included.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

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