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    Hot Toys MMS T-1000 in SARAH CONNOR Disguise

    Terminators in disguise...

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    Had this toy been released alongside Terminator 2, this would be considered quite the spoiler, but now that enough time has passed, we can rest easy and assume that everyone has seen the masterful movie. T2 is certainly a rare occasion where a sequel over passed the original in all ways possible and gave a new film villain that everybody loved. The T-1000, a terminating machine made of liquid metal that can morph and shift-shape into people heís come in contact with or into simple weapons like knives, swords, and the like. Here, Hot Toys conjures up a new 1/6th scale figure that captures the moment the T-1000 (played by Robert Patrick) becomes Sarah Connor (played by Linda Hamilton) in an attempt to capture the young John Connor.

    Hot Toys has released a handful of figures for Terminator 2 already including the T-800, T-1000, and Sarah Connor. If youíve already picked up the standard Sarah Connor, I can imagine it being difficult to swallow another $150 for this figure, but after seeing it in person, Iíve come around to preferring this version overall. The bonus of this figure is that it can act as the given T-1000 in Sarah Connor Disguise or... it can simply be Sarah Connor at the end of the film. Itís your choice and I love that Hot Toys provided that option.

    The packaging, much like the rest of the T2 line, is a metallic slip sleeve over a basic window box. Inside that box is a plastic tray and cover containing the figure and its accessories. The package does well protecting its contents but isnít great visually as I know theyíre capable. It certainly looks elegant but Iíd much prefer something that pops a bit more.

    Upon seeing the initial photographs that Hot Toys provided of this particular figure, I canít say that I was that excited. The rooted hair seemed off as did the facial expression. This, like many other figures, does much better in person and the rooted hair can be adjusted to frame the face in more flattering ways. The open mouth expression also caused me concern initially but it works in multitude of poses, showing her exhausted state. It isnít the best portrait Hot Toys has done but definitely preferred over the regular Sarah Connor.

    A highlight included with this figure is the portrait of the donut-head T-1000, showing the massive bullet wound in the face. If you have the T-1000, getting this figure scores you an additional portrait to swap out.

    The body underneath is the standard female body base and it generally works well although the added muscular rubber arms makes posing slightly more difficult and fragile. There are instructions included on how not to pose your Sarah Connor so be sure to follow those!

    Articulation for the standard female body base is about 28 points of articulation, which is enough to pose Sarah in the necessary positions although itís a bit tougher to get the shotgun to look right in both hands. Itís possible but definitely trickier.

    The paint apps on Sarah Connorís face are incredibly subtle but thatís whatís needed on a figure thatís pulled from a very specific moment. This is not Sarah Connor looking her best. This is Sarah Connor tired and injured. The skin looks realistic and thatís all one can ask for. The battle damaged T-1000 head is also very well executed, with the shiny metal parts blending smoothly into the skin textures.

    Accessories have become one of highlights of Hot Toys, as there is nothing they donít think of. The amount of accessories is what makes collecting their figures fun, but itís also what keeps us messing around for hours before the figure is ready to be displayed (or photographed). We already discussed a tiny bit the T-1000 bullet-damaged portrait (which weíll look at in more detail with the T-1000 figure), but being the T-1000 in disguise, two magnetic bullet holes are also included that attach to the waist and back.

    A standard display stand is not included with this figure but she does come with a newly designed stand with metal boots melted and morphed into the square, depicting the T-1000ís less-than-optimum powers. Four additional triangles are included to make the stand larger OR you can connect the triangles into another smaller display stand.

    Other accessories are purely Sarah Connor: two pairs of interchangeable hands and two additional right hands (for knife and cigarette) totaling six hands; wristband, watch, cigarette, pistol, shotgun with folding stock, combat knife and leather-like sheath, and additional wrist pegs.

    Her outfit features tank top, pants with tactical belt and pouches, enhanced tactical load bearing vest with four magazine pouches, and sculpted combat boots. The knife and sheath need to be added to her belt and can take some time and care to pull-off. This is something I wish Hot Toys added for us as there is no other reason to not have the knife sheath off.

    Cost for this particular figure is around $150 and seeing the quality and detail put in, youíre definitely getting your moneyís worth. This is a very impressive figure and definitely one to add to your Terminator 2 collection.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Review Sample Courtesy of Hot Toys

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