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    Hot Toys MMS "Predators" - ROYCE

    Move over Arnold...

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    The first figure in the Predators MMS 1/6 scale collectible figure from Hot Toys is surprisingly that of a human rather than one of the deadly trio of new Predators. We are talking about the mysterious yet deadly mercenary named Royce played by actor Adrian Brody. This new figure is the inaugural release for the Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Predators collection and another incredible 1/6 scale figure to add to your collection.

    PACKAGING: The packaging that Hot Toys has developed for this line has a distinctive new-age and sleek look which stands out among other MMS collections. Hot Toys has been sticking to a similar packaging format with most of their recent releases such as with the Royce figure which is housed inside a tall rectangular box that features an opening lid. The box also feature a removable black cardboard sleeve that features an angular die cut design with a crimson red transparent film which reveals the figure portrait from the inner box front art.

    The interior box features a close-up image of the Royce figure and the back features an image of the machine gun that Royce uses in the film. The interior of the front box flap feature a full frontal image of the Royce figure deck out in all his gear which looks excellent. Overall, I must say that Hot Toys never fails to impress me with their eye-catching package design with every new figure they release and the new design they have developed for Predators is nothing short of fantastic.

    SCULPT: The most significant element of the sculpt work on this figure is that of the head portrait. The realistic likeness of actor Adrian Brody is captured flawlessly by artist Eom Jea Sung. The realistic head sculpt enhances this figure by offering a fantastically movie-accurate 1/6 scale figure for collectors. The Royce figure also features a newly developed muscular body similar to the one used for the previously-released Perseus figure. The muscular details on the arms and shoulders such as skin tone and muscles are sculpted to resemble Adrian Brody’s physique in the film.

    PAINT: Royce’s entire body is painted in an incredibly realistic manner with a mix of vividly real skin tones. The facial portrait is painted flawlessly by artist J.C. Hong and breathes life into the already incredible head sculpt. The painstakingly-detailed paint job on this figure makes it difficult to distinguish the difference between actual stills of Royce from the film and the 1/6 scale figure. The gloved hands and boots are also painted with a high level of detail that compliments the figure’s overall realistic look.

    ARTICULATION: Like all other Hot Toys 1/6 scale figures, Royce has an incredibly versatile body thanks to the muscular TrueType body which sport over 30 point of articulation. The articulation on Royce compliments an extensive amount of dynamic poses thus making Royce a formidable foe for the upcoming 1/6 scale Berserker predator figure.

    ACCESSORIES/WARDROBE: Aside from all the amazing attributes this figure possesses thus far, it also includes a whole lot of great accessories and removable gear which justifies the hefty price tag of this high-end figure. The MMS131 Predators Royce Collectible Figure includes the following:

    - One pair of gun-holding gloved hands
    - One gloved relaxed hand
    - One gloved right knife-holding gloved hand
    - Light brown shirt
    - White collared under vest
    - Multicolored fabric scarf
    - Black cargo pants

    - Tactical vest with belt, pouches, gun holster and magazine pouches
    - 16 individual shotgun rounds (can be stored in front of vest)
    - Pistol
    - AA-12 Auto Shotgun with film-accurate deco
    - Machete with sheath
    - Combat knife
    - Tribal Axe
    - Wrist watch
    - Display base with movie logo

    Display base pictured not included.

    OVERALL: Once again Hot Toys has managed to satisfy and exceed my expectations with this amazingly life-like 1/6 scale figure of Royce. Although many collectors might not be able to afford the hefty $150 price point of this Hot Toys figure, it is absolutely worth every penny with its vast amount of weapons and accessories. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about this piece at first but now that I have it, I’m proud to add it to my growing 1/6th scale figure collection. Now that the Predators MMS collection Royce has been released, it’s time to unleash some Predators to hunt him down so stay tuned.

    Review & Packaged Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Photos by Luka Figure Photo

    Review Sample Courtesy of Hot Toys

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    Re: Hot Toys MMS "Predators" - ROYCE

    Great review. The package/box even look great!

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    Re: Hot Toys MMS "Predators" - ROYCE

    Great piece. One of my favorites along with Arnold T800.

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