Terror Dogs? Ghostbusters Accessory Packs? Flocked Panthor?

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With Panthor, Shadow Beast and Swiftwind, It's safe to say that there is only one quarterly deluxe slot opened for the Masters of the Universe line in 2011. Will this slot definetely be an army-builder 2-pack and will we only get 1 2-pack per year?

This slot could be an army builder or a large scale beast/giant. You'll just need to wait and see. Every year will not have the same configurations. It will change up year to year.
Inquiring minds want to know: When will the flocked version of Panthor be made?

We can tell you officially that we do not have one on the books in the planning stages right now. It is something we'd like to get to eventually but don't look for it any sooner then maybe possibly 2013. Even that is not a sure thing. We are just too far off to lock in anything past 2012 right now.
With the huge success of the Grayskull stands, have you considered developing Snake Mountain stands for the villains?

Yes; and we are looking to do a new stand as early as spring 2012.
The Ghostbusters line is truly amazing but considering the economical conditions, would you consider releasing accesory packs that would include ghosts, stands, proton streams or weapons in a set? Many folks may not have the money to buy 2 or three different versions of the characters just to get these packed-in parts.

We are actually specifically not going to do this. This line uses the pack-in ghosts and accessories to drive sales of the figures. If we sold the accessories separately we would lose sales on the basic figures as these accessories help drive basic figure sales. Also, we do want to consider releasing the basic figures at retail one day (perhaps when there is another movie...) and by making the ghosts and accessories exclusive to the Matty.com releases, it gives us a way to scale back the figures for a possible retail release one day.

So in other words, if you want the accessories, head over to Mattycollector.com now to pick up these figures! It doesn't mean we won't do an accessory pack one day, but it won't be for a long, long time.
When you eventually get to the Terror Dogs in the Ghostbusters line, will they be individually carded or sold as a boxed set?

We do want to get to the dogs one day, but nothing is locked in right now. How they will be sold remains to be seen.

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