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    Movie Masterpiece BLACK WIDOW

    Hot Toys takes on the sexy superheroine of Iron Man 2...

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    With many of the finest 12" figures released this year being a part of Hot Toys' Iron Man 2 line-up, it's no surprise that perhaps the finest female figure of 2010 comes to us as a part of this line as well. Enter Black Widow.

    PACKAGING: While some of the other Iron Man and Iron Man 2 figures feature super detailed and attractive packaging, this figure features some of the simplest packaging design. The slipcase features a metallic image Scarlet Johansson's portrait printed on the box as well as the series logo/name. As with other Hot Toys packaging, one pulls the interior box out to find the window box through which the figure and parts are clearly visible.

    While the packaging really isn't anything special, it's worth noticing the sides of the package show both Whiplash and War Machine, a subtle hint as to how one might display the packages together.

    SCULPT: This is definitely a beautiful head sculpt. To me, it is kind of subjective; as to whether she looks like Scarlett Johansson or not... well, individual collectors will have to decide if that's an issue for them. At certain angles it might give you a lot of Scarlett and at others, perhaps none at all. However, overall I think the likeness is considered adequate and worth considering.

    As for other details, the implanted synthetic hair is certainly a great choice as one can move the hair around to create a more natural look and feel. The curling effect is fantastic as well and there's actually instructions suggesting collectors put some hair gel or wax to style her hair for more natural look. Great job Hot Toys!

    PAINT APPLICATIONS: The face features plenty of detail, including gorgeous eyes and mascara, lipstick, and eyebrows. Hot Toys' maintains high quality control here (as usual) and there are no sloppy drips, smears, or issues.

    I'm unsure if the upper body – which is visible through the low-cut V neckline of the jumpsuit – has received any type of paint or if it's simply molded. Either way, the flesh color and texture is spot-on.

    CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES: Black Widow's look is fairly simple. A PVC-like fabric jumpsuit fits skintight over the 1/6th body and, while I've heard some complaints from collectors about the jumpsuit's color, it's nothing to be too concerned over. Likewise, the boots – made from rubber - are well made, though their longevity may be in question (should there be any issues in the years to come).

    The figure includes a number of additional accessories: three extra hands, two pistols and a Iron Man 2 base with name plate. The extra hands allow for the two pistols to be held as well as different posing options. While there aren’t that many accessories here, the character never really used that many in the film.

    ARTICULATION: Featuring a newly developed 1/6 female body which includes all of the regular articulation points as well as a soft, rubbler-like body allowing full visability of the cleavage, belly and neck, Black Widow is ready for action.

    The upper body is made of a soft, rubber-like material around the abdomen, bust and neck area. This is probably one of the finest 1/6 female body on the market because of these added features; however, due to jumpsuit, the body's articulation is still slightly limited. That said, the overall figure can be posed in plenty of positions.

    COST & OVERALL IMPRESSION: Costing less than most other 12" Iron Man 2 MMS figures, the Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Black Widow retails for approximately $150.00. Rightly so as the figure includes fewer accessories, many fans might even consider this price slightly high. However, due to the new 1/6 female body and licensing, the cost seems relatively justified.

    One of the sexiest figures of the year, no doubt fan boys the world over will appreciate having this well-sculpted, finely painted and uniquely... equipped... 1/6 scale figure of one of the Marvel U's finest females on display. While she may not have many accessories or guns, she more than makes up for it with her finely tuned attributes and beauty.

    The Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Black Widow MMS 12" figure is available now from many fine retailers.

    Review by CK Lee and Jess Horsley

    Photos by Luka Figure Photo

    Packaged Photos by CK Lee

    Review Sample Courtesy of Hot Toys

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    Re: Movie Masterpiece BLACK WIDOW

    I would agree, this is one of the sexiest figures hot toys has ever produced especially with the new body . However i have heard issues with her 'bust' and that they are placed too low down the body, i can definetly see how low the zip has to be placed to show some 'cleaveage' which doesn't look very realistic because she wouldn't have the zip that low. Such a disappointment on such a great figure.

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