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    Kaiyodo's Revoltech Yamaguchi - VASH THE STAMPEDE

    Trigun legend like you've never seen him before...

    Kaiyodo's Revoltech Yamaguchi Vash the Stampede is IN-STOCK and ready to order at

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    Kaiyodo’s state-of-the-art, highly articulated Revoltech action figures have become a very hot commodity as of late with a vast array of new popular licenses. The innovative Revoltech technology has significantly evolved in the past year with the newly-developed Yamaguchi line. Today we take a detailed look at the new Vash the Stampede figure from the hit animated series Trigun.

    PACKAGING: The Revoltech Vash figure is packaged within a colorful window box that features an enormous amount of images of the figure in various different poses. The front of the package has a clear plastic window which fully exposes the figure and most of it’s packed in accessories. The packages also features a wrap-around paper sleeve with additional images and pose options. The side panels also include several engineering schematics of the revolutionary Revoltech articulation joints.

    SCULPT: This is hands-down one of the most detailed action figures I have ever seen and while the heavily segmented design may not appeal to some, I think it looks amazingly accurate and accommodates the Revoltech buck body well. Kaiyodo has truly done a remarkable job in capturing Vash's look and feel in three-dimensional form. One thing to note is that the Yamaguchi series of figures are a lot larger than the previous Revoltech releases and blend in quite well proportionally with other 6" action figures. From the realistically flowing wrinkles on the figure's wardrobe to the detailed facial renderings of all the different head sculpts, this is one awesome looking figure.

    PAINT: The color application on the Vash figure is precisely applied, clean and vibrant. There is absolutely no visible paint imperfections found on this figure which stands as a demonstration of the high level of quality control Kaiyodo puts into these amazing action figures. The vivid blend of the bright red colors on Vash's coat and the the metallic elements of his outfit clash elegantly together resulting in a truly one of a kind hyper-detailed and elegant anime collectible.

    ARTICULATION: The Revoltech joint technology takes articulation to an entirely new level of versatility by allowing this figure to be posed in almost any way you can imagine. There is truly no action figure on the market today that can even come close to the versatility of Revoltech. Thanks to the innovative technology, Vash can be placed in the most whimsical or bad-*** looking poses you can think of. The Vash figure has well over 30 points or articulation including individual coat tails which are poseable as well. Simply put, the mobility on this figure is truly a work of art on its own and pushes the boundaries of action figure articulation.

    ACCESSORIES: When it comes to accesories, Kaiyodo took absolutely no shortcuts on this action figure. Vash includes a huge arsenal of accesories including interchangeable hands, heads, weapons and a nifty display base and mini diorama which offer the collector even more ways to display this already amazing action figure.

    Vash has three different faces which can be switched out by removing the frontal half of the head piece. Vash even includes a removable blast effect that can be placed in the barrel of his pistols and even a plastic square container to store all of the figure's parts inside.

    OVERALL: I have to admit that I have never reviewed any other figure that comes even close to the poseability, detail and abundance of accessories as the Trigun Revoltech Yamaguchi figures. You don't need to be a hardcore fan of the Trigun anime series to desperately want to get your hands on these amazing imported collectible figures. After playing around with the Revoltech Yamaguchi Vash figure I can't help but wonder what other awesome characters Kaiyodo may be thinking of giving the Revoltech treatment to. The Vash the Stampede Yamaguchi figure is available now from and would make the ultimate stocking stuffers for Christmas so make sure you snatch up a set before they are gone.

    Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Review Sample Courtesy of Hobby Link Japan

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