The Rise of Boba Fett and Target Exclusive Vintage 9-pack...

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The Rise of Boba Fett boxed set is an amazing piece however we would love to see the newer Slave 1 mold in the ESB colors from the film. Are there any current plans for a re-release in the near future with a pack-in Boba Fett?

Any future version of this tooling depends on how the Rise of Boba Fett Battle Pack will do. It's too early to call it right now, since Toys 'R Us has really made this a focus of their holiday marketing. If it moves through well, it will open the door for a new version. It's likely that we would not line up another version until Fall '12, in any case, given the price point.
The upcoming Target Exclusive Vintage 9-pack is amazing but due to it's extraordinary size we wonder how these will be handled at retail. Are there any special logistical measures being taken to ensure the condition and merchandise placement of these at Target?

Target actually asked us to create it at that size for a special merchandise end-cap. So the answer is, yes, the sets will have a special place on the shelf and thus should arrive at retail (November 28th!) well-protected with a dedicated "home" where they will reside. We hope they won't last long, though....we are announcing (via this Q&A...thanks for spreading the word!) that the 9-pack is actually the start of what will be additional assortments of Vintage 3-packs coming to Target. We will be following the exact lineup of the original legendary 3-packs, with follow-up waves slotted for Spring and Fall (although delivered as 3-packs, rather than as a set of 3-packs). So this 9-pack is a "must-have" start of a great ongoing collection. This should be very exciting news for fans...stay tuned for more details at Toy Fair!