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    Harry Potter Deals @

    Plus new arrivals & pre-orders: Sucker Punch, Star Wars, Assassin's Creed II, more!

    Check out this week’s update from Past Generation Toys for awesome deals, preorders, and new arrivals!

    Are you ready for the new Harry Potter movie this week? Then definitely check out these awesome deals on Harry Potter mini busts by Gentle Giant! PGT also have several of the newest Harry Potter Busts releases as Pre-Order

    After the death of her boyfriend, Cedric Diggory, at the Triwizard Tournament, Cho Chang was still suffering from the loss upon her return to school in September. Her increasing feelings for Harry did not help her troubled state of mind, and she quickly changed from being a popular, giggly girl into one who could be found more often than not crying in the toilets. She nevertheless joined Dumbledore's Army when it was set up and became an enthusiastic member, learning to master spells she had always struggled with before. Limited Edition of 2500. Designed in 1/6 scale - Stands 6 inches tall.

    Where there's one Weasley twin, the other can't be far behind. So it is here as Fred and George are up to their old shenanigans! Fred offers a treat from their Skiving Snackboxes, while George laughs hysterically on the sidelines. Gentle Giant offers its Harry Potter collectors this unique 2-pack of mini busts a former Comic-Con Exclusive. Each statue measures about 7 1/2-inches tall, and the sets are limited to 2,000 pieces. Order this and you get twice the fun and magic in one box!

    Now in his fifth year at Hogwarts, Harry Potters life begins to get ever more perilous as he encounters terrifying dreams, a teacher with an attitude like venom, and corruption of the highest level. Soon he finds himself in the Ministry of Magic under direct threat from some of the most feared creatures in the magical world: Voldemort's Death Eaters. Harry has to partake in deadly detentions, secret meetings with fellow students, and he gets banned from one of the things he loves the most. But it's not all gloom and doom! Limited Edition of 5000. Designed in 1/6 scale - Stands 6.25-inches tall.

    Nymphadora Tonks, who despises her given name, prefers to use her surname alone. She is described as a vivacious young woman in her twenties, an Auror and a member of the Order of the Phoenix. As a Metamorphmagus, Tonks can alter her appearance at will. She makes extensive use of this skill not only to disguise herself in the line of duty, but also for experimenting with her appearance and even for the entertainment of her friends. However, she is notoriously clumsy and unskilled at household spells like cooking, cleaning and setting up place settings tending to break dishes when trying to help. This mini bust stands 7.5 inches tall.

    Man, wizard, or wolf? Yes! In the Harry Potter universe, Remus Lupin is a strong and powerful wizard. He’s also a werewolf and one of Hogwarts most revered teachers. From Gentle Giant, this remarkably lifelike rendering of this very capable master of the Dark Arts stands 7-inches tall and portrays him precisely as seen on the silver screen. Here he looks like an ordinary man, but will that change after you get him home? Add him to your growing gathering of mini busts and other Harry Potter memorabilia and find out! Limited edition to 1,250 pieces.


    * IRON MAN 2 MOVIE SERIES ACTION FIGURES - Iron Man 2 Movie and Comic series figures are available for pre-order this week, there are a lot of great figures coming to the Iron Man line.

    For the Iron Man Movie Series PGT currently have Deep Dive Armor, Hammer Drone (Concept), Hypervelocity Redeco, Inferno Armor Iron Man, Iron Man Mark V, Light up War Machine, Quick Change Iron Man (IV to VI), Shield Breaker Armor, Space Armor Iron Man, Subterranean Armor Iron Man, and War Machine Mark II, Iron Man Comic Series: Whiplash (Armored Final Battle).

    * AURRA SING MINI BUST BY GENTLE GIANT - Once a Jedi Padawan raised in the slums of Nar Shaddaa, the young woman known as Nashtah renounced her Jedi vows following personal and professional tragedies and took up a blaster rifle and remade herself as the bounty hunter Aurra Sing. A specialist in political assassinations and hunting down her former Jedi associates; she became feared through the galaxy, moreso when she fell in league with Cad Bane and the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. This Mini Bust is Designed in 1/6 Scale and Stands Approximately 6.5 Inches Tall. This Mini Bust is a Limited Edition Size of TBA Pieces Produced Worldwide.

    * PRE VIZSLA MAQUETTE BY GENTLE GIANT - The warrior ways of Mandalore forgotten, Pre Vizsla dreamed of his people's past. Seeking a way to restore honor to his people angered by the use of cloned Mandorlians by the Galactic Republic, Vizsla sought an alliance with Count Dooku and his Confederacy of Independent Systems. Founding the Mandalorian Death Watch and launching terror attacks against his own people to awaken the slumbering warriors within, he came into conflict with the Jedi Order. This Maquette Stands Approximately 9.5 Inches Tall. This Maquette is a Limited Edition.

    * SWEET PEA SUCKER PUNCH STATUE BY GENTLE GIANT - You won't believe your eyes when you see these girls kick some serious butt in Zack Snyder's new film Sucker Punch! Sweet Pea is protective by nature, and is understandably wary of risking everything in a fight against the system. A strong, imposing warrior, she is prepared to sacrifice herself for the safety of others. This expertly crafted large scale statue stands an amazing 18" tall and includes an M-4 rifle, shotgun, sword, authentic costuming and stunning character likeness. Cast in high quality polystone, this Sucker Punch statue is mounted on a clear acrylic base, specifically designed to showcase the piece and allow light to pass through and deter shadows in a museum or display case setting. Limited Edition release.


    Past Generation Toys have some great new arrivals this week, Harley Quinn, Dr. Doom, and Assassins Creed II!

    * HARLEY QUINN - COVER GIRLS OF THE DC UNIVERSE STATUE - Designed by Adam Hughes. Sculpted by Jack Mathews. The Joker's love, Harley Quinn, is the latest statue to join the insanely popular Cover Girls of the DC Universe statue series. Due to the overwhelming success of this series, DC Direct specially commissioned fan-favorite artist Adam Hughes to design this statue. Harley is posed wearing her trademark harlequin outfit and is holding an oversized mallet. And she is the perfect companion to the next statue in the series, Poison Ivy. Hand-painted, cold-cast in porcelain and measuring approximately 9.5 inches high x 5.5 inches wide x 4.25 inches deep, this statue includes a 4-color Certificate of Authenticity and is packaged in a 4-color box. Limited Edition!

    * DR. DOOM (CLASSIC) STATUE BY BOWEN DESIGNS - A Bowen Designs Sculpt! This statue stands over 12 inches tall. Painted and ready to display. Comes in its own full color collector’s box.

    * EZIO - ASSASSIN CREED II 12 INCH FIGURE BY HOT TOYS - Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Ezio Collectible Figure from the Assassins Creed II video game series. The real-like collectible is fully poseable, specially crafted based on the image of Ezio in the video game, highlighting the newly developed head sculpt, highly detailed costume and weapons. This figure comes with a whole arsenal of weapons, costumes, and interchangeable hands, 26 accessories total!

    * EZIO IN BLACK OUTFIT - ASSASINS CREED 2 ACTION FIGURE BY NECA and EZIO IN WHITE OUTFIT - ASSASINS CREED 2 ACTION FIGURE BY NECA - Based on the hit video game! Ezio, the lead character of Ubisoft's best-selling Assassin's Creed II can be yours with this all-new action figure! This much-requested fan-favorite stands 7-inches tall and has over 20 points of articulation. Action figure comes with retractable wrist knives, weapons, and other game-authentic accessories.

    Find all these great items and more at Past Generation Toys!

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