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    Hot Toys Video Game Masterpiece JILL VALENTINE

    Resident Evil favorite finally in 1/6 scale...

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    The last several years have been great for fans of the definitive survival-horror video games series Resident Evil (Biohazard). Not only has the franchise got a Hollywood movie (and three sequels), a cgi-animated feature (and another on the way), and several new editions to the series such as The Darkside Chronicles and Resident Evil 5, but also some exciting collectibles from a variety of companies. But nothing tops Hot Toys' Video Game Masterpiece figures based on Resident Evil 4 & 5. As 2009 wound down, fans had little hope of seeing any more figures based on Resident Evil 5 outside the already released Sheva, 2 versions of Chris, and 2 versions of Wesker. But Hot Toys listened to the fans and made the surprise announcement that they would indeed create a 1/6-scale version of the fan-favorite character Jill Valentine, based on her B.S.A.A uniform in the Lost in Nightmares DLC for Resident Evil 5 (which was added in and released as part of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition).

    PACKAGING: The packaging mirrors that of the previously released characters in the Resident Evil series. The full-color box features a glossy, textured finish and has game artwork of the character on the front along with the RE5 logo. The back features photography of the figure, as well as a short bio, creative credits, and images of the other characters in the line. The flap in the front opens to reveal the figure encased in a plastic shell for protection. The accessories are packed in a separate shell that fits within the hollow in front of the figure when closed. The inside also features a landscape image from the exterior of Spencer Mansion, the location where the DLC story takes place.

    SCULPT & ARTICULATION: Jillís head sculpt is gorgeous, with soft features that perfectly match the in-game model and artwork. Like Sheva before her, she features the Hot Toys TrueType female body with a rubber suit that covers the articulation point and provides soft, rubbery skin on her arms and body. While it looks great, and feels more life-like it does make the figure more fragile and hinders poseability. The figure overall has around 30 points of articulation.

    COSTUME & ACCESSORIES: As with the other Resident Evil characters, the place where the figures really shine is in the way of gear and weaponry. Jillís form-fitting clothing consists of a blue long sleeve shirt and grey pants with sculpted grey boots and a removable tactical vest. In addition she sports a clippable belt with several pouches including a holster and magazine pouch that hang down and clip around her legs. Each of these items features an assortment of buckles, studs, and rivets to add to the realism. Jill also includes five interchangeable hands and a standard Hot Toys display base with the Biohazard 5 logo.

    The figure also features a radio and headset with pouch, a knife and sheath w/ leg straps, and a removable grey cap. Unfortunately, there are some problems to note with some of these accessories. First of all, The headset did not want to stay in her ear, no matter how I bent the wire, a problem that did not arise with any other character in the line. The pin on the pouch would not fit into the hole on the soft rubber of her vest. But the biggest problem is with the hat. This piece is something I would have never expected from Hot Toys. No matter how I place it or shape it, it looks awful on the figure. It should have been a molded rubber that could be stretched on or a separate head, instead of the cloth monstrosity.

    In addition to the clothing and accessories, Jill comes with a nice assortment of guns and misc. gear to help her drop some zombies. She includes a handgun, two flash grenades, two regular grenades, two different machine guns, a sniper rifle, First Aid Spray, two ammo boxes, a flashlight, two extra machine gun clips and two extra handgun clips. Iím sure most of these accessories are repeats of previously released weapons and have proper names, but they werenít specified on Hot Toys site like they usually are.

    OVERALL IMPRESSION: Despite some minor issues with her accessories, I am very happy to have an amazing looking 1/6 Jill Valentine in my figure collection. However, with the release of this latest figure, Hot Toys most likely closes the book on any future releases from the game. I would have most liked to see another Jill in her Battle Suit/Bodyguard outfit with removable cloak and mask and the mind-control bug on her chest, but would have also liked a second Sheva in her African outfit and a Majini Executioner. But Resident Evil fans wonít have to wait long for new figures as it looks like Hot Toys is next setting their eyes on Alice from the Resident Evil films!

    The Videogame Masterpiece Biohazard 5 Jill Valentine is available now from Hot Toys.

    Review Sample Courtesy of Hot Toys

    Review & Photos by Michael Klein

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    Re: Hot Toys Video Game Masterpiece JILL VALENTINE

    I own the STARS Wesker myself and he's pretty badass. Still looking to buy a STARS Chris so Wesker has a buddy.

    That being said I wished they would have released a STARS version of Jill. Not a fan of the BSAA version, or the newer games for that matter. I like the more classic look.

    Still, I might end up getting this later on down the road. It's a good figure, but it doesn't "wow" me like some of their other releases.

    Also looking forward to the Alice figure from the films. I think her outfit from Resident Evil: Afterlife would be the best pick (not to mention it's the best film of the bunch in my opinion).

    Hot Toys never ceases to amaze.

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    Re: Hot Toys Video Game Masterpiece JILL VALENTINE

    This is my favourite resident evil character, except for wesker, but i'm still having mixed feelings about wether to purchase her, it's a big investment that i've only dedicated to classic movie characters like hot toys terminator 2. It would be nice to have a videogame character in 1/6 form but i feel games don't live on like movies and i would eventually get bored of her. I do know there's going to be a Jill in her battlesuit that's going to be released at some point so i guess i'll wait for that and then make my decision, even though i prefer this style, and if she comes with the cloak and removeable mask like you have suggested that will definetly persuade me more.

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