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    Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland "ALICE KINGSLEIGH" Tonner Character Figure

    "What an idea. What a mad, crazy, wonderful idea." - Alice

    The Alice in Wonderland "Alice" Tonner Character Figure is available for purchase now at

    For all the latest in Tonner Character Figures, including fan-favorite licenses such as Twilight, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings and more, visit

    Just in time for the holidays, Tonner, maker of award-winning fashion dolls and character figures, has taken on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland property. The film was a financial success but there wasn't much in the toy aisles. Thankfully, Tonner offers its debut doll Alice Kingsleigh for fans of the franchise. Now, Alice isn't the only one in this collection; other characters available include The White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, The Red Queen, and The White Queen.

    Alice is packaged in a slim box with the film logo gracing the front and a large keyhole on the front. The sides feature even more keyholes making this one of Tonner's more colorful attempts at packaging. Inside, Alice is strapped in securely with the appropriate netting around the hair and her accessories in plastic bags.

    Removing Alice is easy enough but she isn't ready to be displayed just yet. Alice is built using a 16" Tyler BW Body with Geisha Bust and Brown Eyes. It features an authorized likeness of Mia Wasikowska wearing an organza gown. The bottom of the gown is exquisitely detailed with custom rabbit embroidery at the hem. The dress also features tiny seed bead buttons and lace trimmings.

    Alice's hair is astonishing, rooted, and styled. It's hardened so that it should be free of any problems and stay firmly where it ought to. The paintwork on the face is nicely applied. If there's any slop, it's not noticeable.

    There are quite a few accessories for Alice who comes with striped mesh fingerless gloves, striped knit tights, soft cotton petticoat, black and white faux leather boots, and gold chain necklace with red jewel.

    The accessories will need to be added on before display and the most difficult of these would be the boots. There's a zipper on the back that makes it easier but you'll still have to tie the laces. Everything else is a piece of cake and once complete, she's ready to be displayed on the included two-piece display stand.

    Being a doll, there are some limited points of articulation but nothing to really run home about. There's enough to position Alice in elegant ways and because of the high quality of the doll, that's essentially all you could want.

    If you're interested in Alice or the other Tonner Doll collection, head on over to to order or to see their catalog. Alice is priced at $149.99 and being that she's only limited to 1000 pieces, won't last very long. This is a perfect collectible for the doll fan in your family.

    Words and Photography by David Yeh

    Alice Kingsleigh Doll courtesy Tonner Doll Company

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