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    Yamato USA's Fantasy Figure Gallery Black Tinkerbell

    Luis Royo's classic comes to life in beautiful resin...

    Be sure to enter for your chance to win this amazing statue in our Black Tinkerbell Giveaway!

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    Fans of the popular Yamato USA line of Fantasy Figure Gallery can now add another beautiful piece to their collection: Luis Royo's Black Tinkerbell.

    Limited to only 500 pieces, this advance release made of resin (instead of the standard PVC) brings the fantasy artist's classic painting to beautiful life and includes a limited edition plaque, art card, and certificate of authenticity.


    Unlike the PVC releases (which feature window box packaging), this polyresin statue comes packaged in a solidly-constructed cardboard box and is surrounded by Styrofoam to ensure it arrives safe and sound to each and every collector.

    The box's exterior features attractive, eye-catching graphics on all sides with the front and sides of the package feature imagery of the statue and the back featuring images of the six previously release Fantasy Figure Gallery pieces (above). The back of the package also includes general information on the line and each statue.

    Overall, the packaging is eye-catching and ensures interested fans and collectors know what their getting.


    Sculptor Shin Tanabe brings Luis Royo's gorgeous painting to life with skill and artistry. The intricate details seen in the painting - the translucent demonic wings, the massive base, the inquisitive and thought-provoking look upon her face - all are present and captured in this polyresin statue.

    Obviously the most eye-catching part of the statue is the wings, which span over 12" and truly make this statue worthy of display and attention. The veined, monstrous bat-like appendages give the serene character an almost sinister appearance, masking her passivity. However, she is armed with a wicked-looking spear, making one consider this peaceful looking fairy isn't as harmless as her face would first appear...

    From the giant base, which perfectly replicates the overgrown steel girder seen in the painting, and the wild, wind-blown hair to the shredded bikini and spiked boots; each and every part of Royo's unique, original character is captured here.


    Considering this piece is made of polyresin, the factory has a little more leeway in how well the paint applications and texturing take to the statue. The fleshtones, perfectly shaded, come to life and relay the look of the original 2D artwork while the veined textured wings help give the statue a more realistic appearance. Likewise, the black bikini, boots, and hair blend well together, forboding and menacing in appearance.

    Some of the most impressive paint work is on the base as well, where the the black feature the subtle hint of red and orange rust, which helps replicate the look of the previously mentioned over-grown steel girder upon which this spear-wielding fairy sits, ready to take flight.

    Something well worth mentioning: because of the polyresin, the character's wings have a translucent appearance when properly backlit, giving this statue a gorgeous look that's not only unique, but one of a kind (above).


    Limited to 500 pieces and with a retail price of $249.99, the advance release of Luis Royo's Black Tinkerbell is aimed at die-hard fantasy fans who want this amazing piece in beautiful resin. With Yamato USA expanding this line to feature pieces in polyresin, I see fans who didn't like PVC construction of the previously released Fantasy Figure Gallery statues giving the line a chance. Likewise, I see collectors who have come to appreciate the PVC pieces considering the limits of plastic and taking the leap into the high-end resin market.

    I have to admit, when Yamato USA first announced they would be making statues based on fan-favorite fantasy paintings - and in plastic and at an affordable cost - I was both excited and hesitant. After all, not everyone can afford to dish out $200+ for a polyresin statue of this size and detail, but plastic doesn't quite have the appeal a true resin statue has.

    For those who can afford it and for those who understand the limits of PVC, there's this new piece which makes for not only a beautiful display, but a beautiful investment as well.

    Overall, Yamato USA's Black Tinkerbell is truly an impressive three-dimensional representation of a classic piece of fantasy artwork with all of the positive attributes of the forthcoming PVC piece and none of the hindrances.

    Pick up your own today wherever fine collectibles are sold and be sure to enter for your chance to win your very own statue in our Black Tinkerbell Giveaway!

    - Jess C. Horsley

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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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