Not every claim is typical. Here's some real doozies...

The majority of claims Collectibles Insurance receives are pretty typical for collectors and dealers such as shipping, show related, theft, fire, water damage, and breakage but they do get some doozies. Below are the top ten craziest (or just plain dumb) claims they have received:

#10 Multiple instances of ex-wives or girlfriends taking collections

#9 Friend of customer stole match box car collection (thinking they need to re-think that friendship)

#8 Accidentally burned two vintage fur coats

#7 Left artwork on roof of car and drove off

#6 Left fishing lures on roof of car and drove off

#5 Left Hummels out on table overnight while cleaning. Cat was afraid of Hummels and went crazy knocking them all off the table.

#4 Multiple dog related damage – chewed on, knocked over, and ate.

#3 Parrot escaped and was chased by cats which caused breakage/damage to collection.

#2 Long story involving theft, fire bombing, 2 guys with AK-47s and a missing friend named "slim"

And #1..........Customer drooled onto stamps, ruining them

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